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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Non-systemic opposition deliberately plays the victim Kadyrov”

Anti-Putin opposition continues to inflame passions around Ramzan Kadyrov. After the Chechen leader called to judge as traitors and enemies of the people those who are trying to destabilize the situation in the country, the liberal non-systemic opposition demanded his resignation. What is the meaning of a further deterioration around the head of Chechnya?

Last Tuesday, the Day of Russian press at a meeting with local journalists Ramzan Kadyrov commented on the so-called non-systemic opposition, accusing her that she is trying to cash in on the difficult economic situation and to destabilize the situation in the country.

“Neither the government nor Russian society itself is not eager to draw blood – no matter how tried to assure that those who work daily provocations, portrays the victim”

“These people don’t care about the fate of Russia and the Russian people, they play Western intelligence agencies invented the game, go along and shamelessly trying to pass people, worried about the future of our country, while it is clear that they are absolutely not interested in a prosperous and strong Russia.”

I believe that these people should be tried to the fullest extent for their subversive activities, Kadyrov said.

These words immediately drew protests from liberal public – there was the statement of a number of human rights defenders and journalists (led by Lyudmila Alexeeva) with a call to immediately remove Kadyrov from office, “as Kadyrov claims role in Federal politics, patron of the movement “Intimidad” is the tens of thousands of armed security forces, its brazen threats apply to the entire civil society of Russia, pose a serious threat to the enjoyment by all citizens of our country their rights and freedoms”.

Kadyrov recalled all of the murders attributed to him – from Natalia Estemirova to Boris Nemtsov, began the usual discussion about the fact that the Kremlin is preparing a massacre of the “real opposition” by the hands of Chechen security forces. The theme, which is so often launched during Marsh in 2011-2012, and then twisted vengeance after the murder of Nemtsov, again began to unfold in social networks and media: “the Chechen authorities announced the opponents of Putin’s war on the physical destruction”, and revived an old argument between liberals, are intent Kadyrov Amateur or implementation of the orders of Putin. But in any case, blame was Putin – at least because it suffered such a “horrible person” at the head of the Republic and allows him to say and do.

Still more reactions to events received after the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region Konstantin Senchenko first called on the page in “Facebook” Kadyrov “a shame of Russia” – for the call to judge the enemies of the people from the opposition, to which the non-party member took myself and a day later apologized to him.

Apologize immediately explained pressure, although called Kadyrov’s statement “is not only meaningless, but harmful, since they have the President “lip service”, and the country cast a shadow”, Commissioner for human rights Ella Pamfilova has refused to apologize to the head of the Chechen Republic (so called Deputy of the state Duma sarailiev). Senchenko himself explained his apology because after talking with a well-known Chechen, the inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk region (here one can easily distinguish the former world champion in wrestling buvaysar saytiyev) he was convinced that his emotional statements and accusations really hurt the Chechen people.

Many didn’t believe him, especially as the “opinion leaders” unanimously talked about the fact that, say, we know these Chechens have threatened the Deputy, so he took back his words. Networks launched the hashtag “Kadyrov – the shame of Russia”, which caused a reaction in Chechnya.

Kadyrov himself said nothing, but his environment (besides relatives) made accusations against the opposition and radically anti-Putin press. So, Magomed Daudov, the head of the Chechen Parliament, called the enemies of Russia by name – “paid puppets” Khodorkovsky and Navalny, “the headquarters of the fifth column” kind of “echo of Moscow” or “Rain”, which is involved in waged against Russia “subversive information-terrorist war”:

“We do not grasp why fed us selling “figures of contemporary culture, politics and journalism” type of Shenderovich, Venediktovich, Ponomareva, kalapini, Merzlikina or achinech can with impunity mock the customs and traditions of different peoples of Russia, calling them wild or medieval?! Who are these hypocrites the liberals gave the right to question the blood that we and thousands of our comrades, together with Federal divisions were shed for the integrity of Russia?! When we summon to justice those who decided to joke over the eternal memory of our brothers who gave their lives in a ruthless struggle against hattaba, Basayev and other bandits?! When will be put a logical end to the activities of these information-psychological sabotage, whose purpose is the incitement of ethnic hatred, discrediting the leadership of the country and its regions, the formation and further spread panic among the Russians?!”

And state Duma Deputy Delimkhanov stated that “we will ask with this kind of figures of devils to the fullest extent of Federal laws that protect the rights of all citizens of Russia regardless of their nationality and religious affiliation”, and “don’t let the use of the Chechen people for the dirty scenario by the collapse of Russia”:

“Today we are witnessing, as some leaders-the devils – the “fifth column” – actively shake up the political and social situation in the society in difficult for our country time. Our strong State scares the Western countries, they see Russia as an economic and political rival to be weakened at any cost. We see how fake journalists, public and political figures have been active in an open struggle with the authorities. They hate our country, and the main task of the interventionists is the destruction of the Russian statehood. They have common sponsors of foreign origin.

They received the assignment to ignite discontent among our citizens through the national and religious hatred and targeted persecution of his dirty true patriot of Russia, a faithful and devoted ally of our Supreme commander in chief Putin, the head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov. Does not hesitating, they launched a political diversion mainly against Russia, against the Chechen people. The goal of this smear campaign is the set of critical mass, ensuring the evacuation of people to the streets to start a “color script”.

And already on Monday morning Daudov has posted in his Instagram photo with Kadyrov Caucasian shepherd dog, in the comments which talked about the fact that shepherds Tarzan “lot of itchy fangs” with “jerks pathetic lapdog” under the images are easy to discern, in particular, Alexey Venediktov, Ilya Yashin and other famous characters. Daudov wrote that “quick was Tarzan… Barely restrained. Oh, what it would be!!! If not… Democracy!!! And so, Tarzan good…”.


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