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Monday, March 12, 2018

“How real is the threat of a military confrontation of Russia and Turkey”

Turkey all the more insistent calls for the US to start a ground operation in Syria. Without Ankara, Washington would not dare to send troops – but it is clear that the States will not undertake a land operation. Nevertheless the possibility of a Turkish invasion continues to be the main issue of the last days – as allegedly inevitable and in this case a military confrontation between Russia and Turkey. Is there really such a threat?

Appeared on Wednesday about reports that Turkey calls on its coalition partners, including the U.S., to start in Syria ground operation, indicate a deadlock, in which the Turkish leadership in the Syrian issue. Ankara now says that without such an operation to put an end to the Syrian conflict:

“For Turkish intervention in Syria is no real geopolitical and domestic political conditions”

“Turkey begins ground operation unilaterally. We ask the coalition partners that a ground operation had taken place. We discuss this with our allies… We want a ground operation. If we come to an agreement, Turkey will take part in it”.

In recent days, calls for ground operation and distributed from Saudi Arabia, the two countries discussed joint participation in the Syrian battle, and in Ankara, and Riyadh dismayed as success of the government army in Aleppo, and the understanding of a possible truce between Damascus and the armed opposition, which may come into force in the coming days. Neither the Turks nor the Saudis do not want yourself to get into Syria – they want the decision of Washington and has not seen.

In this case both the petitioner demonstrate its aggressive attitude after tough statements by Erdogan that the States should decide who their ally, the Turks or the Kurds, Ankara has launched from its territory shelling of the Syrian Kurds, as well as the army of Assad. Saudi Arabia threw a few military aircraft to a base in Turkey, and in its territory started a major military exercise (together with its allies created the Islamic coalition). All these are some in our country are regarded as preparation for war – assuming the Saudis, and especially the Turks, to some point can start operations without the consent of Washington.

Or, in another version, the USA purposely push both countries for military intervention in Syria – with its inaction, leaving them no other possibility. Can’t, they say, Erdogan and king Salman to quietly observe how Assad regains control of Syria – and not to refrain from direct participation in the war. As well as in Syria operates Russian aircraft, it means that we are on the threshold of the Russian-Turkish war and at best regional. Can it be as scary?

Of course, the war in Syria is theoretically carries every opportunity – until the nuclear war between Israel and Iran or going “Caliphate” in Mecca. But all this potential scenario in case the worst case scenario. Now in Syria there is a specific situation, with a clear geopolitical interests and involvement of major players.

After the start of Russian military operations, the war in Syria turned into a war involving two great powers – USA and Russia. Yes, the US largely operate with the Iraqi side antiaritmicheskogo front, but strike and on Syrian territory. Both Russia and USA are doing everything to avoid the collision – and in fact war-torn parts of the territories of Syria and Iraq has become a zone of responsibility of the Moscow and Washington. Thus, Moscow is acting in Alliance with Damascus and Tehran and Washington acts together with Baghdad. This reminder is necessary to stress that in Syria, and so very closely.

Yes, the States and Russia are in the air but on the ground enough local players that focus on one of the superpowers. If you do not take the common enemies like ISIS, and “al-Nusra”, there are three main forces: the Kurds, with the help of the Americans, the Russians, the Syrian army, helped by Russia and Iran, and antiasadovskie the rebels who count on America, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The part of the rebels operating in Western Syria, including Aleppo, was under the blows of the Russian aviation – and it is clear that no Americans out in this informal, but in fact they recognize the zone of Russian control. USA doesn’t need military conflict with Russia in Syria is clear to all. Understand this and in Ankara – but continue to pretend that really rely on a ground operation. Why?


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