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Monday, March 19, 2018

“He published a book about the relationship Navalny with foreign financiers and diplomats”

“The part of supporters of Navalny will go to elections in single-mandate constituencies. The problem is that Alexey suppresses all the attempts of his colleagues to unwind in media figures,” – said political analyst Alexei Mukhin, presenting in Moscow the book “the Bulk. Results”, devoted to relations of opposition with foreign diplomats, politicians and financiers.

The CEO of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin presented Monday his book “the Bulk. Results”, which talks about “the business system” blogger Alexei Navalny and his team and connections of the opposition with foreign diplomats and politicians and financier William Browder. Co-author Mukhina became an employee of the center Anastasiya Gafarova.

“The part of supporters of Navalny will go on one-mandatory districts. The problem is that they are not as recognizable, as Alexey”

“Motivation of people is probably the main thing that determines their behaviour and builds their life profile. Understand the human motivation can adequately assess his behavior, and his reputation… you Can even predict how he will proceed and how the rest of his life” – written by Mukhin and Gafarova in the abstract.

“In recent times we are often faced with unreasonable cruelty, loud lies and absurd ambitions of a number of public people. One of them thinks he skillfully manipulates society or its separate representatives, i.e. us. Some of them wishes at our expense, to have a more than has. We need to clearly understand how they do it and why to effectively defend themselves and not be, in the end, deceived. Someone thinks that “their name is Legion”, we still call one – Bulk”, – authors add.

The 71-page book should go on sale next week. “She’s in the genre of an investigation – as Navalny’s love – and relates to the learning activity him personally and his team, – Mukhin told RIA “Novosti”. – A book about the thorny path they had used to Internet fame who helped them, what the pitfalls were and how much I filled the cones about these pitfalls”.

“Collect some money” and leave the country

In the next two years, Mukhin believes, we should expect the departure of the opposition from Russia and its perspectives on the electoral cycle of 2016-2018, it is likely that Alexei Navalny will terminate its business activity in a political environment. “Navalny will try to cache their political success and to move in some of the countries”, – quotes the expert TASS. Among the possible places he called London, where he had emigrated colleague Bulk Vladimir Ashurkov, or Switzerland, where he lives Mikhail Khodorkovsky.


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