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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“French filmmakers have mastered the experience of the tsarist Okhranka”

Picture of “Anarchists” young French Director Elie of Wageman open “critics ‘ Week” the recent Cannes film festival. Now rare film of the wing reaches of Russia, where the show is solid blockbusters. Surprisingly, Ali Wageman and the starring Tahar Rahim visited Moscow.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the film “Anarchists”

22-year-old Adele exarchopoulos wears, who starred in “the Anarchists” the main female role, to Russia has not arrived. But our filmmakers noticed before triumph in 2013 at the Cannes film festival the film “Life Adele” Abdelatif keshishev of who received the “Palme d’or”. For this role, Adele was awarded the prize “Cesar” in the category “Most promising actress”. Once Sergei Solovyov invited her in his project “Elizabeth and Clodel”, which never took place. He knows a lot of young talents. About Adele Soloviev said: “It’s a bomb!”. And I was right. Then Adele exarchopoulos wears starred Mikhail Kosyrev-Nesterov in “visiting her mother”. As the mother of only one voice was played by Margarita Terekhova. Together with the producer of the movie Anastasia Kovtun little-known actress exarchopoulos wears we went to the shops in search of a suitable dress for the Cannes film festival. It is only then it struck worldwide fame. The “Anarchists” in the heroine Adele was a prototype — Rirect Matrian — anarchist and lover of an employee of the journal “Anarchy”. The actress read her memoirs.

The events in “the Anarchists” taking place in Paris in 1899. Young heroes dream of living in a free society where there will be poor, presidents and members of Parliament. Director’s Wageman tells: “At me the impression was made that 12-hour production of “the Devils” by Dostoevsky, Peter Stein and painting “Molly Macguires” Martin Ritt. From them I learned the basic material. Our hero is Jean from the orphanage. In his soul there was an internal rebellion, he does not know how to live. His father, whom he barely remembers, was in the ranks of the Paris commune. In a tiny group of anarchists Jean is introduced as the agent thereby has fuelled her to new shares. Without him she would fail, would not develop into an effective organization. I did not pursue political ideas, I was interested in manifestations of love and friendship, where the characters are most fully revealed. I studied materials related to the Russian Tsar’s secret police worked, what techniques were used”.

Knowledge of Wageman used so that now it turns out that this glorious organization wielded clumsily and ineptly. The Director heard about the youth terrorist group “Narodnaya Volya”, who took responsibility for the assassination of Tsar Alexander II. He read the works of Kropotkin and Bakunin had studied the police reports, to introduce into the ranks of the anarchists. In the film will be written once the name of the Russian anarchist Bakunin, whose ideas became popular in Europe. There he lived. In Locarno still show visitors his home. Jean will fall in love with a charming anarchist in the guise of Adele, and through this love attain the ideas of Bakunin, all the wisdom of the revolutionary organization. And even in the love scenes exarchopoulos wears is not equal.

French actor of Arab origin Tahar Rahim is well known in Europe. He noted several “Cesarani”, played a major role in the film “a Prophet” by Jacques Audiard, enthusiastically adopted in Cannes and awarded the Grand prize at. He recently represented the film “the Scar” akin’s Venice film festival. Prior to that, starred in “the Secrets of the past” famous Iranian Asghar Farhadi, “Black gold” by Jean-Jacques Annaud. On the screen it gives the impression of a strong man, and in life – indifferent and slightly soft. In “the Anarchist” role he mishandled Cossack. Orphan Jean Albertini, who has no stake, no court, decided to start life with a clean slate, agreeing to become an informant. He gets to the plant, is introduced into the environment of young Parisian anarchists, then to write denunciations and consistently pass. What in the picture the ends do not converge, do not bother either the Director or leading actor. Takhar frankly bored at the meeting with Russian journalists, as the child yawned in front of the camera. “My hero — the man who found himself – says Rahim. – Once in the group of anarchists, he felt destabilized. Jean — not an anarchist, but he discovered something not previously suspected. I was shooting to the surface the idea of anarchism, but it turned out that it’s a whole philosophy”.


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