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Saturday, March 10, 2018

“American plan B can assume the partition of Syria”

At the Pentagon, the CIA and the White house are preparing a plan B in case of the failure of the Syrian settlement. Again discussed measures against Moscow: possible as an enhancement of military support for opposition groups and the introduction of additional economic sanctions. Experts estimate these plans as counterproductive, adding that the plan States actually lies elsewhere.

In the USA at full speed there is coordination of the plan of action in case the peace agreement on Syria will not be met, according to diplomatic sources in Washington. In the discussion of the newly appeared Russia. So, the Pentagon and the CIA has called “new Russia serious trouble” in the context of the discussion of the Syrian crisis. The head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army General Joseph Dunford, as well as CIA Director John Brennan is convinced that the truce will be broken, and it will happen through the fault of Moscow, told The Wall Street Journal citing a source in the presidential administration of the USA.

Weapons and sanctions

“Don’t need to start this process again in the sanctions track, making a diplomatic breakthrough in attempts to increase pressure on Russia”

Carter and Dunford intend to send U.S. President Barack Obama formal recommendations regarding a plan B. In the White house discussed a variety of measures, including intelligence support “moderate opposition” in Syria so that it could defend against Russian HQs and the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. However, there is no doubt that the next wave of sanctions will support the European powers.

On this fierce debate. While the head of the Pentagon believes the cease-fire “trick” Russia, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, on the contrary, highly appreciates the chances of a truce. He believes that the truce will allow “to check whether to trust Moscow,” a source told the publication.

“Emerging Alliance “hawks” speaks about the differences between representatives of defense and diplomatic agencies. He can put pressure on Obama to force him to take tougher action against Moscow”, – writes the edition. Yielding, Obama risks further drag the United States into the Syrian conflict, fear of the WSJ sources.

The source in the Russian Foreign Ministry said that no plan B to the Russian side is unknown. “There was intensive work on a joint statement, and all efforts should be focused on his performance,” he said, adding that the start of practical implementation of the agreement Russia and the U.S. on Syria.

The course of military operations in Siriu the same vein, spoke and the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. “Currently we are concentrating on the plan and believe that to discuss and work to implement that plan, the initiative, which was formulated on the eve of the presidents of the two countries, it is our priority – said Peskov. – Believe it premature to talk about any other plans, because the most urgent task now is to reach a ceasefire in respect of those groups that support the initiative of the two presidents,” added he, answering the journalists ‘ question about whether or not your plan B, Moscow.

Plan B in reserve

We will remind, on preparation of a plan B in case of failure of the negotiations on Syria said on Tuesday evening Secretary of state John Kerry. “In a month or two we will see how serious this transition process. Assad will have to make a number of decisions about the formation of a real transition government in the process. Otherwise, we are considering plan B,” said Kerry, who was quoted DW.

To clarify, what exactly is alternative courses of action, he did not. However, as explained by Reuters, from the statements Kerry has indicated that it is including about the possible revitalization of the militants in Syria by increasing their support from abroad. The rebels will be “other weapons, more weapons” said the foreign Minister. He did not specify which countries are willing to transfer current in Syria the rebels with more powerful weapons systems.

That Washington in the Syrian scenario has left plan B, media reported earlier. In early February, The New York Times noted that if attempts to find a political solution fail, it will make Kerry and Obama to go with the backup plan – “to strengthen the military pressure on Assad”. “However, this is what Obama the last five years trying to avoid, given that a ground campaign would rely on the forces led by opposition leaders that he does not trust, said the American newspaper. – However, if not followed by any political decision, any strengthening of military action, the US will lose influence on all the warring parties and will not be able to join them in the fight against ISIS”.

We will remind, on Monday the United States and Russia issued a joint statement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria, in which Russia and the United States proposed to declare a truce from February 27.

Counterproductive proposal


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