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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Why does Japanese Prime Minister needs a meeting with Putin”

The President of Russia and Prime Minister of Japan on the background of cooling relations between the two countries still agreed to hold talks within the framework of the UN General Assembly. Tokyo was really expecting this feature, but why for the government of Shinzo Abe is so important? Experts emphasize that the need is not confined to the Kuril issue.

Japan confirmed plans of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to hold talks with Vladimir Putin in new York within the session of the UN General Assembly. “Our party expects primarily to focus on the Russian President’s visit to Japan, the promotion of dialogue on a peace Treaty and resolving territorial issues”, – said the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan acehide Suga. Earlier Thursday, the appointment was confirmed by press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov.

“To soften anti-Japanese Russia and China”

“The Japanese believe that only Putin can solve this problem, consider it poyaponski minded figure, because he loves judo, and so on”

Contacts with Putin, Prime Minister of Japan, became less regular after Tokyo joined anti-Russian sanctions Western countries. It was planned that Putin will visit Japan in the last year, but its terms were never agreed.

Many experts indicate that Japan is still no consensus about whether Putin’s visit to the country. “There is a very strong confrontation between those who are for Putin came and opponents of the visit. Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, incidentally, has always been a passive politician who really don’t feel that the Russian President came to Japan,” said the former Russian Ambassador to Tokyo, chair of the Department of diplomacy of MGIMO Alexander Panov. “On the other hand, Prime Minister Abe just stands for the dialogue with the RF lead. He believes that it should be supported with Putin in order to soften anti-Japanese, they believe, the thrust of the Union of Russia and China,” he added.

Earlier on Monday Minister for foreign Affairs of Japan Kishida has arrived in Moscow for a three-day visit. Observers pointed out that even the arrival Kisida agreed to by the parties for a long time, and its preparation relied on a fairly busy background. We also were affected by the Japanese sanctions and visits by high-ranking Russian officials to the Kuril Islands, which are always very sensitive in Tokyo. Before the visit, Kishida said he expects “difficult negotiations” with the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

But according to the results thereof Kishida said that his current visit to Russia “effectively marked the resumption of stalled talks on a peace Treaty” and “the sides confirmed the continuation of direct dialogue of heads of States and Ministers of foreign Affairs”. Moreover, Kishida stated that he was satisfied with the talks with his Russian counterpart, and called “depth” the last debate, particularly on the topic of a peace Treaty between the two countries. “We invited the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to Japan. As for the specific schedule or date, we will coordinate through diplomatic channels,” added the Japanese Minister.

Lavrov, in turn, noted that the resumption of direct contact between Russia and Japan gives hope for a correction of the situation in bilateral relations. “Russia is aimed at development of relations with Japan and the problems which are largely artificial in nature,” he said.

“The nightmare for Tokyo”


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