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Saturday, March 10, 2018

What science knows about the storm

How to form a thunderstorm cloud, where on Earth most often there are sparks and lightning who lightning kills more often — enjoy the night and morning thunderstorms in the Moscow region, the Department of science “Газеты.Ru” says that modern science knows about the storm.

Romantics, those who love the storm in early may or any other month, it would be appropriate to remember that the storm not only purifies the atmosphere and ozoniruet surrounding reality, but can be a destroyer and even a murderer. Although from a scientific point of view it’s only more or less well studied natural phenomenon, defined as electrical discharges in a powerful cumulonimbus clouds, accompanied by a flash of light (lightning) and a sharp sound peals (thunder).

Thunderstorms have their own classification. Scientists divide them into single-cell, linear multi-cell, multi-cell cluster, and — most dangerous — sverhtehnologichny. Occur during thunderstorms lightning special classification do not have (if not to take into account the mysterious ball lightning), but the process of emergence of these electrical discharges and their parameters is also studied seemingly well enough.

In fact, lightning is just a giant spark that occurs either within an electrified thundercloud, or between him and the Ground. The length of this spark can reach 10-20 km, the current flowing within its channel, the tens or hundreds of kiloamperes, and the voltage causing the discharge reaches tens of millions of volts. At high altitudes even lightning can cause thermonuclear flashes which are monitored special companions.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the process, the researchers to lightning are still a lot of questions. For example, it is not clear the mechanism of formation of storm clouds, and the occurrence of lightning discharges. There are many versions, in answer to these questions, none of them without drawbacks, but most researchers agree that the main role is played by convection — the movement of air masses. Very common, for example, versions that explain the electrization of clouds with small ice particles inside, moving rapidly, colliding with each other and with water drops, and accordingly an electrifying each other.


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