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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“To combat higher fuel prices prompted to enter the coupons”

This year gasoline will rise by an average of 2-3 rubles, a liter of 98-th will cost almost 40 rubles, expect the Union of oil & gas producers of Russia. If so will go and further, it is possible to afford driving all motorists. The Union offered to return to coupons for purchase of gasoline and create dressings for the poor.

Gasoline prices this year will grow by 10% – an average of 2-3 rubles per liter, is expected in the Union of oil & gas producers of Russia. In the end, the litre 92-go cost of 35-36 rubles, and 98-th – almost 40 rubles.

The reason for the increased cost of gasoline in the Union see that the manufacturers pass their costs on to consumers. Now, according to the Union, taxes and excise duties account for 60% of the cost of gasoline.

In the Union believe that Russia is in vain there is no government pricing policy. Half the world already regulates the price of gasoline in the domestic market, and Russia too needs to consider its pricing policy in this sphere, said President of the Union Gennady Shmal, reports “Russian newspaper”.

In light of the inevitable fuel price rise industry Association came out with an initiative to introduce in Russia petrol coupons and create social charge for low-income citizens, in which the fuel would cost a third cheaper. Also Shmal considers it logical to introduce a consumption rate of petrol, over which fuel will be supplied to the citizens at the market price.

As an example, he cites the experience of foreign countries: for example, in Canada, Mexico and many countries in Africa and South America, the government controls the price of gasoline. In Iran, according to him, citizens receive about 200 liters of petrol is almost free, but above this level gasoline can be bought only at the market price.

The cost of gasoline is already really close to the psychological mark, which motorists are willing to refrain from traveling on private transport. So, according to the survey portal Superjob.ru conducted with the participation of 3,000 respondents in 2013, if the price of gasoline will be above 40 rubles per liter, 25% of Russians would prefer to leave the car behind. If gasoline rose to more than 50 rubles per liter, it is possible to travel by private car will cease 11% of Russians. The price increase by 10 roubles-you need to take the car for another 8% of respondents. At current gasoline prices are already 9 per cent of Russians have started saving and stopped using the car without pressing need, or refused travel.

According to Rosstat, consumer prices on car gasoline in Russia last year amounted to 7.6%, which is higher than the rate of inflation, which reached 6.5%. In 2012 gasoline also rose by 7.6%.


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