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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“The results of the Berlinale: Depardieu attacked the Director and criticized the “Survivors

The 66th Berlin international film festival ended. The jury under the leadership of Meryl Streep made a surprisingly informed decision. “The Golden bear” for best film received the Italian-French documentary film “Fire in the sea” by Gianfranco Rosi about the invasion of migrants on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa .

Still from the film-the winner “Fire in the sea”

Meryl Streep star on the track reminded me of the teacher with the ascetic knot hair and glasses. The fans came with placards: “Meryl, we love you.” One of them is quite young – for some reason was crying. May not have received the coveted autograph or felt what glory, that’s nerves gave way. And then in the hall someone always wiping tears. So happy for the winners relatives and colleagues.

No doubt that Gianfranco Rosi will definitely receive some important reward. He is a strong Director, and then there’s the theme – the most that neither is pain. Rosie lived a few months on the Italian island of Lampedusa, watched as arriving migrants from Chad, Libya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Syria. Many die. At the Berlinale, some of the characters arrived, including 12-year-old Samuel, famously molotovski a slingshot cacti. However, the final ceremony, he did not wait – we have to go to school. “Fire at sea” also marked by the prize of the Ecumenical jury.

Grand Prix and prize of the international film critics FIPRESCI has been beautifully made, intelligent picture of “Death in Sarajevo” (France-Bosnia-Herzegovina) Bosnian Director Danis of Tanovich, telling about the decline of Europe, the Balkan crisis and the eponymous hotel in the centre of Sarajevo. In this city occurred a century before the fateful event which changed the world when he was killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand that sparked the First world war.

But what surprised me is the award for best Director, inherited a very modest Franco-German film “the Future” with Isabelle Huppert in the title role. It was emphasized that there is a picture of a young Director who managed to create a delicate portrait of a woman. However, the 35-year-old MIA Hansen-Leve this is the fifth picture. MIA – the wife of French Director Oliver Assasa. Her parents are professors, philosophers, and characters of the film. So laureate Wednesday well familiar. But the suffering of the Mature teacher, dashing between her sick mother, grown-up children, unfaithful husband and work, not knowing what happened with the sudden sting of freedom, were not “tactile”, as is the case in the paintings of the same Assasa. Huppert’s nothing new for myself did not. She continues to appear a lot of other Actresses in this age group simply does not Shine. Huppert herself into the search – goes to any end of the world, is not afraid to work with young and unknown Directors. She where there is any interesting work. But breakthroughs are rare.

Silver bear for best actress in the film “Commune” (Denmark-Sweden-Netherlands) Danish Director Thomas Vinterberg received a first-class actress Trine Dyrholm. She has successfully acted in Scandinavian film and now played the TV presenter, who along with her husband and daughter lives in the commune, which were popular in Denmark in the 70-ies of the last century. The heroine of Durham may not survive the betrayal of her husband and leaves a big communal family. When Trine was released for the award, her husband, who was sitting in the hall, cried from happiness. A tear welled and Thomas Vinterberg, which Trine was named not only a great Director but also an amazing person.

The prize for best actor went to a talented young actor from Tunisia Majd mastoura, played in the film “Hedy” man-demure, became literally the eyes of the ardent lover. He broke for a sudden outbreak of passion family life, did not appear at his own wedding. In the life of Mastura was quite different – a modern young man who could not pay attention in the crowd. Joy he not only thanked the native, and especially Tunisia, were associated with them hopes for a better future. Another jury, which was celebrating the work of emerging filmmakers, was awarded the prize for the best debut again “Hedy” and its Director Mohamed Ben Attia. The painting was created in co-production with Tunisia, Belgium and France. Among its producers is a Belgian filmmakers Dardenne brothers, whose handwriting is recognisable in this picture.

Black-and-white eight-hour film “lullaby of the sorrowful mysteries” the Filipino Director Lav Diaz’s jury headed Meryl Streep stood stoically and even noted the Alfred Bauer prize – the founder of the Berlinale. It can be given for innovation what Dias just can not refuse.

For cinematography, or as they say at the Berlinale for the artistic achievement, awarded by Mark Lee Ping-Bing, from China, for the painting “Against the flow” Yan Chao. He captured the Majesty of the Yangtze river, the blue of its waters and the heavens, was able to show what eternity is. The statue Buddhist monastery, facing the river, produced a powerful impression. The winner did not produce vpechatleniye a man capable of such artistic delights.

Silver bear for best script got a Polish-Swedish picture of the “United States of love” by young filmmaker Tomasz Wasilewski, who wrote the script about the socialist past of the country, neurosis compatriots of different ages, their thirst for love. One of them teaches in the school Russian literature and examines in class the poem by Pushkin “I loved you”, is itself completely devoid of love and alone, behaves more than strange, on the verge of pathology. The other is the Director of the school. She enters into a forbidden relationship with a former sixth grader by the name of Tchaikovsky, and almost at a stop. Not a movie, but a complete shock.

The day before at the Berlinale in 30-th time awarded a “Teddy” for LGBT films, which paid special attention. Sometimes it is enough hero-the man to try to frame a woman’s dress – and the picture automatically will be sent to the contest “Teddy”. For his contribution to the creation of a film about homosexual love said Kristin Vanon – producer of the film “Carol” about love between two women. In a huge hangar were hundreds of brightly dressed people. One guest was in blizhnevostochnoy attire and high heels. Someone face was illuminated with the lanterns. But the most attractive was a Mature man in women’s cotton robe and Slippers. With it could not compare, no “lady” in historic costume, rave that sold beer, “the barmaid” in starched headdress with strings of beads on the neck brutal. A complete sense of unreality, a kind of Brazilian carnival. The guests were given male cosmetic sets from the sponsor of the festival, where in addition to shaving and other men’s perfume came with a mascara. Lips painted here in front of the audience. Of course, men. The ladies – their concerns. “Teddy” is not only the most important city officials, including the mayor, but also the movie stars.

Our compatriot Gerard Depardieu for the finale of the Berlinale gave sobstvennoe show. He presented the competition film “Saint love,” where he played a simple guy, who in the company of fellow drinkers behaving quite so lewd, glued to the young girls, merges in the history. But when he is petting a cow, here it is in place. To make this picture possible with great difficulty. Depardieu plays and no matter what does not prevent him from criticizing others. At the Berlinale he was crushing the movie “Survivors” with Di Caprio and told stories about the fact that he’s Russian at heart. On the track, along with the Directors of the painting “Holy love” Depardieu famously partition to shirt festival Director Dieter Kosslick. He always appears in a coat, hat and red scarf, while actress standing in the chilly weather in open dresses and shoes. First of Kosslick pulled the hat. Depardieu like a monkey put on his glasses. Started kind of fuss, flashed only clothes, and as a result, the Director of the Berlinale was naked, as if he was attacked on the road by bandits. It happened instantly and unexpectedly, while Depardieu probably rehearsed the scene. Except that the poor Kosslick was suspected.


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