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Monday, March 19, 2018

“The Deputy in the way”

This is the artist from my childhood. “Petrovka, 38”, “Ogaryov, 6”, “Returning resident” — and still very young, always a determined person with the right facial features. Policemen, KGB officers, border guards… Yes, that type, of course. But someone has to play power data friends, that was not excruciatingly painful… And about MP Gerasimov I don’t know. But here’s the question about hamlet: as a man of the Creator, the Director becomes official? And why? What happens to him then? Creativity dies, and you start to oscillate only along the line of the party? Or maybe it’s just a new role Gerasimov… yet he’s the Director of his destiny.

Today Yevgeny Vladimirovich Gerasimov will be turning 65.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“For legs, for hands weights I desyatikilogrammovy…”

— Well, Mr. hero of the day, the form keep? Physical.

— In different sports I am a candidate in the rally and equestrian sport, master of sports in athletics; at an early age is gymnastics…

— Karate-do?

— Well, of course! Then it was banned, had only just begun. I was one of the first…

— Without discontinuing work?

— No, in any case, I was an actor. But I trained four times a week. Fourth Dan received. And only nine. Now promote karate in schools, kids are engaged, not only in Moscow but also across the country. There is such an Association “Vityaz”, they elected me as President by the system of martial arts.

— And judo?

— Simply not dealt with. I remember in school my friend worked at first, Sambo, and then judo. Wonderful view, great. What I like in all of these sports — they carry a moral charge. Psychology is a science.

But here you came into power 15 years ago, already under Putin. And under Yeltsin, a big tennis was, remember? Have not tried?

— Have not tried. Although it is well known our main tennis player Tarpischev. My kids played tennis. I’ve never studied it, don’t like losing. And time is not studied, but I didn’t want. Although some times I played tennis. Once brought his son, he was very young, the younger group. Came to me like this man sports: “Oh, and what I haven’t seen? But come, there are so many beautiful women, I’m grinding up on everyone.” And my wife is there watching and went. I thought to myself: nothing, it happens! And then the guy: “Well, let’s go play”. But I do not know how, only in desktop. But here began to play on the same field kids train, and next we zagorodsky. As a result children training ceased, and all began to watch us play. And I beat it, was all wet. So the experience was.

And once I fell off landing simulator from a great height, about five-story building, without insurance I was. Fell on his right leg. Plaster, fractures, ligament, ankle… Yes I fell in a lot, and with horses too, a lot of things. Therefore, karate is already actively engaged can’t. There was a period, became interested in Thai Boxing, participated in the organization of fights without rules in those crazy years. Son drove back, trained.

But now here’s how I’m doing. Wake up, drink coffee, again, go to bed, include TV, news, and start doing the necessary movements for feet, for hands, the weights I desyatikilogrammovy. Be sure the exercises do add up.

— Every day?

— Here no matter what. How come, then come. And always doing push-UPS on Cams, 50 to 100 times.

Scene from the movie “Petrovka, 38”

“Where is this that your naked ass running around out there?!”

— Look, where is the portrait of Vladimir Vladimirovich? Or Mr Sobyanin?

— Yes, here they are, in boxes. We moved here recently.

— Hang? Both?

— Of course. A place for everyone.

— I thought you dissidentstvovat…

— You know, I am a happy man. Live as I like, and do what you want. I studied at physico-mathematical school. In his childhood he started acting in movies, I liked it. But it seemed to me unfair, when a lot of pretty talented young people play in the episodes, the extras. I play the main role, I have everyone’s respect, love, and…

— So you weren’t thinking about yourself at this point?

— Well, a profession dependent. And I’m an independent person, from childhood, from youth, from Plyushchikha. If it was necessary to fight, to defend myself, I did. We plusiinae, went to fight with Zubov, Krasnopresnenskaya… Normally fought to first blood. So I was a little boy in two scenes. And then began to decline. Still, the mathematical school, had a technical University to do. You know, I’m Rostotsky “Live till Monday” was invited. And I refused.

‘Are you sorry?

— I have no regrets. And when I did, thought I don’t want to be in the category of these guys…

— Losers?

— And how do you know whether you’re talented or not? But film lured. And I went to do, test yourself in a theater. Although at the same time attending courses at the Bauman Institute, MADI, at the Olympics, three times was among the winners. And then decided to try. Shchukin was in the third round, then to know how to play, there was. But to me one guy was, like me, but he was not there, nor there. I think to myself: well I’m a good person, and weaker decided to read that buddy has passed. And when I came to read, so overwhelmed. And danced, and sang!

And about the guy forgot.

— What should I do my exam. But to take the hand of this guy, and we went with him to GITIS Me… you been invited — in Vakhtangov, in Mayakovka in the field. But first, I in Satire went, to the Operator and Zakharov. But then the potters dragged.

— So the potters had been terrible in wrath! All shouted, except the open Doronina and gundarevoy.

— No, Natasha screamed too, especially in the beginning. She’s a year ahead of me came in Mayakovka, also from Schukinskaya, we are really her friends. And its potters in the crowd immediately put break tried. He shouted Leonov, Eugene p.: “Where is this that your naked ass running around out there?!” And “Striped flight”, was released. Leonov goes: “I’m here. But I will go now and will write the application”. — “Go wherever you want!” Leonov wrote a letter and had gone to Zakharov. …Remember, one can hear him screaming: “Where is this vahtangovets?” This is about me. I’m often in the movie was filmed. For several years we practiced the same play. I felt cramped, and I left. But Goncharov was very grateful, and as an actor and as a Director. He’s my character tempered. Remember now, he tells me: “I want your salary to improve.” We first came to 75 rubles, 5 rubles you add, and you’re glad. And I’m in a movie already earned. Remember, Sasha fetusin said about me: “he bet larger than life”. I have the same, then still a young artist, the rate was the same as that of Tikhonov. You know? So I was doing three or four paintings a year.

— Why rate something like this? Because all the military was playing, police, and KGB officers?

Yes, even border guards. And I am grateful for that. Few classics… But there was “the Teenager” Dostoevsky, Prince Sergey Sokolsky. On the radio I Batalov played in “Duel”, “the Cossacks”, “Hero of our time” played… by the Way, a lot of pictures I duplicate, starting with “Romeo and Juliet” Zeffirelli. Yes, there was Romeo. I lived his life. I vslice blood were on my hands, I fell, when he fell…similarly played and Belmondo, and Alain Delon. And in the theater I played “Vanyushin’s Children”. Rehearsing a play Voinovich “Two friends” with Ira Pechernikova. Everything was ready, the main role has opened for me horizons. But at this time Voinovich wrote a letter in defence of human rights, and then it all stopped. Suddenly closed.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
With Alexey Batalov and Iosif Kobzon.

“Giulietta Masina me on the cheek kissed”

— And then decided to become a filmmaker? He graduated from courses at Danelia and Ryazanov…

— Yeah, I had the opportunity to make a debut. The film was called “the Visit” scenario Merezhko, many prizes received at various festivals. Then “Very important person”, “do Not go, maids, in marriage”… I needed to be approved. “Very important person” I got almost the dissident, the Czechs bought, so afraid to show it. There’s also a Chairman of the collective farm, which I have Yuri Nazarov played on the white horse enters the Red square.

Are you in connection with the coming to power of Gorbachev withdrew?

I started this cinema under Brezhnev, then Andropov, Chernenko, and left, Yes, under Gorbachev… And then he started to get closer to me. Again the scenario Merezhko — “a young man’s game”. There I got Marina Zudina played great, Nina Ruslanova, Nikolay Parfenov, Innocent, Alexey Serebryakov, very young. And immediately this picture was invited to the Berlin festival, the Venice. I had to go with her… But this time with the shelves removed the “Commissioner” Askold, and my painting has been put aside. No offense, but the organizers from Berlin told me I could bring a prize. And then we with Alexey Batalov has made a film based on Turgenev’s “Spring waters” — “the Trip to Wiesbaden”. Love Turgenev. And for this film I was awarded the attention of the Pope John Paul II. I remember going to Dad’s hotel to the reception, and then our oculist Fedorov with his wife — we were friends. And that’s gone. So all I thought I needed to go to St. Peter’s square and the Pope from the balcony with them will communicate. I at this time stupenkam walk inside, climb up, look — what a beauty! Michelangelo’s other fresco — cool as! Lead me to the Pope in the library, and we communicate with him 28 minutes.

I after all, the Italians offered a “Trip” to share. But they changed the script so that we Batalov refused. But could the months in Italy to work! Then the Italians took themselves on Turgenev, but there was so much sex.

Our film showed the Italians, and there was all the elite was. Here ended the session. First silence, then applause. Got famous Francesco Rosi and says: I have always believed that Russian cinema is the best in the world. And I became so good… And Giulietta Masina me on the cheek kissed.

“Sitting in these meetings, and money-where is it?”

— So what you such a wonderful film career left and went to the officials? Oh, sorry, deputies.

— But first I went down. And clips even filmed. Penkin Sergei, for example. Went to all the festivals, and films for our channels. The world in front of me opened. Advertising done… Freedom! That’s just come in from Spain or Italy, even pretend it doesn’t and in London. Felt himself a man of the world. Yes I’ve done it. Together with a partner organized in Belarus the production of TV sets “sharp”. From Japan parts go to Germany, from Germany to Belarus. In Belarus at the plant “Horizon” they’re going. And the market — Russian. It’s business. But not gray, not black.

And I was a political consultant for the election. And zyama Vysokovsky I said, “I want to become a Deputy”. And became municipal. And that’s how you meet him, he moved closer to me and whispered: “Zhen, you sit, you sit in these meetings, I can not understand anything. The money’s where?”

— No, again: how do you come to this? Creativity — understand the business — also understand. But in this office-what are you doing? Does it possible to be free?

— But I like it. I this I think my work is necessary and useful.

— Maybe you play the role of sitting in this chair? After all the former artists do not exist.

Yeah, you are sometimes, not without it. I’ve always been involved in social issues before the Parliament, in the Union of cinematographers. Luzhkov and Shantsev suggested to me and I agreed. I was interested in. I felt very right person. Now I would not exchange the glory of the artist on one call, a war veteran, whom I helped. My dad came home from war disabled, without legs. He soon died… still remember his stump… it was not a normal prosthesis, he suffered. And today so many opportunities of all sorts. And here comes to me a veteran, beautiful, noble, and granddaughter. And with “iconostasis”. Says, “I know that machines give to veterans for Victory Day, and I missed the lists. They must have forgotten about me…” And I helped. Of course, I helped the rest of my popularity. When he called me with a tremor in his voice, in my own little cry…


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