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Friday, March 16, 2018

“The anti-Russian sanctions, Ukraine will punish myself”

In the Ukrainian sanctions lists included a quarter of Russian companies and banks in Russia. However, there were “dead souls” – a number of companies have ceased to exist. Work attempts of Ukraine to “punish” Russia, and how Moscow should respond to such actions of Kiev?

Ukraine with sanctions of his own trying to hit most strongly in two sectors – the Russian airlines and Russian banks.

“It seems that Kiev wants to isolate its citizens from Russia, because no economic reason such prohibitions no”

Under Ukrainian sanctions were 25 Russian airlines. However, most of them may not even notice any limitations. Airline “AK bars Aero” and Voronezh “Flight” certainly missed the news on deaf ears: they ceased operations in the late 2014 – early 2015.

Some airlines from the list do not fly to Ukraine, for example, “Ural airlines” or “Vim-Avia”. Four airlines for business traffic, was included in the list, most likely, too little will lose, given and so broken business contacts between the two countries. The same applies to the two cargo airlines.

If we talk about the possibility of a ban of regular flights, in Ukraine such conduct only five Russian airlines: “Aeroflot” and its subsidiary “Russia”, “Transaero” (which is now also in the “Aeroflot”), “Siberia” (S7), and UTair. They perform an average of 10 regular flights to Ukraine. Four companies fly from Moscow to Kiev, three – from Moscow to Odessa, one from Moscow to Lviv. Plus two regional flight: St. Petersburg to Kiev flying “Russia” from Kiev to Surgut – UTair.

The main player in the Ukrainian direction – “Aeroflot”, who will suffer the most. However, Ukrainian is not the largest market for Russian carriers.

Ukraine loses this much more. “Millions of Ukrainian citizens working in Russia. For them it is a serious blow. Alternative modes of transport more difficult and unpleasant. I have the feeling that Kiev is seeking to isolate its citizens from Russia, because there is no economic feasibility in such prohibitions is not” – said the Director of “Avia.ru” Roman Gusarov.

Russian airlines bring real money to Ukraine. “It’s and airport maintenance, and refueling and air navigation services,” says Gusarov. Ukraine cuts off in this case, the own revenues of the airports, fuel suppliers and even the local budgets.

It is possible that in response to these sanctions Russia may ban the regular flights of Ukrainian airlines. Suffer three Ukrainian companies flying to Russia: this is “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA) that fly from Kiev to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad, as well as from Odessa to Moscow, the airline “Motor Sich” (fly on the route Zaporozhye – Moscow) and “Dniproavia” (Dnepropetrovsk fly from).


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