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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Russian scientists have found that humans are descendants of aliens”

Life could be brought to Earth from space. Such assumption was made by the group of experts of the leadership of the Director of the Paleontological Institute. A. A., Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Rozanov. Proof of extraterrestrial origin of life can serve as microorganisms, scientists found inside the meteorite.

photo: morguefile.com

The age of the simplest organisms, paleontologists discovered in the meteorite presumably of Martian origin, more than 4 billion years, that is, they appeared when the Earth was first formed, conveys vesti.ru. Previously this was brought to the attention of American scholars, but only specialists from Russia has failed to provide sufficient evidence. According to scientists, the Earth was inhabited by micro-organisms during its bombardment by comets, and later they became the ancestors of all living beings that inhabit the planet today.

What organisms trapped frozen inside the comet, have a chance to survive deep space travel, has already proved the experiments carried out in the coldest places on our planet and in outer space. Research, in particular, showed that some microorganisms are not afraid of radiation and extreme temperatures.

Experts also suggest that in light of their new discovery increases the likelihood that life may exist not only on Earth but on other planets.

Although sometimes appearing “sensational” reports of UFO’s over Earth or mysterious silhouettes on other planets, by itself, is rarely perceived by the experts seriously, in one form or another the question of the possible existence of life beyond Earth and sometimes raise serious scientists. In particular, some have suggested that in the course of expeditions to distant planets in the future humanity will be faced with fossilized microorganisms simply not yet had time to evolve before the planet was radically changed conditions.


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