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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Queen Elizabeth II returned to the Victorian chain of Nicholas II”

In the summer we wondered how the Queen of England Elizabeth II for the first time in history allowed the export of insignia abroad – in the Moscow Kremlin museums for the exhibition “Knightly orders of Europe.” Some items provided for her and academician of the Russian Academy of ARTS Andrei Khazin. Among them they found a Victorian chain of Nicholas II. Usually after the death of the holder of the award to return to the UK. But here the Queen again surprised by the generosity and resourcefulness: three days, she decided to pass on a unique item of the Kremlin museums in perpetual lease. The circuit is emblazoned in the Armory.

photo: AP

It flaunts – her-catching the eye. Decorated with three English roses with five petals (Rosa Tudor), of thistles two Scottish, two Irish shamrocks clovers and two Indian lotuses. Flowers are interconnected by two rows of anchor chain. In the center is a medallion in the form of a Golden Laurel wreath, surmounted by the Imperial crown. There is the Royal monogram of red enamel (it changed depending on the ruling of the kings of Britain).

The circuit found in the collection of academician. in the process of preparation of the exhibition “Knightly orders of Europe.” The specialists of the Moscow Kremlin Museums and the Royal collections of Windsor decided that she belonged to the last ruler of the Russian Empire Nicholas II. On the reverse (werewolf side) there is a number set by the owner. According to the rules after the death of the knight of the chain has awarded have to return it to the state. However, in 1922 the Bolsheviks sold it when the transmission values evacuated from the Armory to the state Depository. Then the order got lost.

– The Bolsheviks sold the chain on the weight of the metal is especially insulting, considering the value, – says Andrey Khazin. But it’s nice that the Queen is not put off our business for the long term. My message to her was sent on 1 December. Three days later I received a response. For such cases is a moment. Emergency response Elizabeth confirms our friendly relations with great Britain. During the largest wars that could end the existence of our powers, we have always been in Alliance with this country. And today, it is important to remember that between our people there is a solid base for friendships.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

At the conclusion of the exhibition Khazin has sent an official appeal to the Queen with a proposal to transfer the mark to the British side. In reply I received the letter – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II expressed the wish that Victorian chain became part of the historical Royal collections and was transferred to the Moscow Kremlin Museums on long-term leases. With an important condition – the reward should be stored in the vaults of the Armoury, and to exhibit to visitors.

The chain is prematurely transferred to us, – explained the Director of the Director of Moscow Kremlin Museums Elena Gagarina. – The practice of providing exhibits for long-term rentals available in Europe. We encountered this for the first time. We have certain obligations to the Royal collection. In particular, if they decide to show this award at any exhibition, we will have to provide the chain on it. After which they will return to our Museum.

Help MK: Royal Victorian chain was instituted in 1902 by king Edward VII. It is intended to award foreign monarchs, princes, heads of state, members of the Royal family and elected representatives of the society are very high grade (for example, as the Archbishop of Canterbury). Knights wear a chain on his shoulders, and court ladies on the bow of the ribbon of the Royal Victorian order.


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