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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Photographer of Graziano Arici told about Dali, Marquez and Hemingway”

Photos geniuses of art – Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Ernest Hemingway, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Andrei Tarkovsky – a handful. One of them hated the paparazzi; the other, a terrible fussy, destroyed hundreds of their images; the third drank so that to photograph it in decent form was from the fiction. But Graziano Arici turned, and he made shots not typical, and curious and talking. Italian photographer with his poor English came on the Photobiennale in Moscow and told “MK”, as he was able without words to find a common language with celebrities.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

He did millions of photos. Most of them are portraits. For his exhibition in Manezh took exceptionally great. Hemingway hunting ducks with a gun, from which he shot his father, and later the writer himself. Happy with Marquez in the orange shirt fell apart in your favorite chair under the flower. Dali with upturned mustache emblazoned on the clock face with tentacles in your house theater. Yes, Arici for them.

– How did you manage to approach well-known masters?

– In my case it was eye contact. I spoke only with their eyes. Because my English is very bad. Sometimes saw the star, gave up and photographed the interpreter to look for it once. Model appreciated my resourcefulness and went to my meeting. Let where the other entrance was closed.

You not only removed, but also communicate with their znamenitymi “models”. What, for example, talked to Marquez and Hemingway?

– Marquez shared with me: “I tried to write stories, but nothing came of it. Showed one of them my sons, then little. They returned it with the words: “Dad, do you think children are stupid?”. The writer talked a lot about his son, who was fascinated by the cinema. Father was proud of his endeavors. Often great people talk about things or prefer to keep silent, like Hemingway. Our shoot fell on his strongest binge and work on his novel “across the river in the shade of the trees”. He wanted to be photographed in a boat near the island of Torcello. The photo shoot took place silently and tensely. In the end I felt that the pictures with the gun turned out to be powerful. I think how…

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

– You have a lot of pictures of Tarkovsky, Antonioni and Pasolini. What the Directors had in your life?

I love Tarkovsky: his frankness was envy. On my photo it basking under the sun during the Venice film festival, where he introduced “Ivan’s childhood”. Then we had a good conversation heart to heart. Another thing – Pasolini: uneasy was a man, at any moment, awaited the attack. He was also wary, but it was impossible to draw out words. He hated to act. Spent five hours with him made more than a hundred staff – was unsuccessful and asked to destroy them. Meticulous.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

– What is your strongest impression working?

– Filmed in Germany during the fall of the Berlin wall. On the first European war in Bosnia took pictures of people surviving in extreme conditions. They used refrigerators as closets, because there was no electricity. Washed from the bottles, because the water left. This is a must see with your own eyes! I insistently asked to bring the neighbouring countries to the front, so they felt what war was. Person who is faced with its horrors, will do everything possible to avert disaster and save lives.

– For you fundamental theme of salvation. But the exhibition is dedicated to Venice, which was saved as a landmark for beauty, but ruined as a city to live in.

– Most of these pictures were taken in the 50’s. Then Venice was a touching and cozy town. Museums are not heated, as the visitors mustered barely a dozen. From the shop returned with the milk in his hands. Organized demonstrations in Piazza San Marco. Now because of the flurry of tourists and local football. It is the object devoid of life, the beautiful theatrical scenery. The city turned into an amusement Park like Disneyland. Lives exclusively on tourism.

– Among the Venetians more pensioners?

Exactly. Local residents 55 thousand people, average age 65 years. Young people are leaving. In town only a few schools, bars and discos. Everything is expensive, and has long been so. Joseph Brodsky argued with me proved that the prices in Venice are reasonable. Acceptable, when I go just with a pen and piece of paper as he. Of course, everyone should go there. But seeing is one thing, but to live in Venice is another. I ran away from it. Frequented once a year with a camera to catch the next visiting celebrities.

…After the interview in the Arena Arici nervously checked everything was in order with his camera and went to photograph celebrities, but local flood.


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