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Friday, March 16, 2018

“”Oscar-2016″: two Russians are ready to fight for the prize of the film Academy”

28 February (Moscow time – in the night of 28 to 29 February) in Los Angeles will host the 88-I ceremony of delivery of film awards “Oscar”. The champion on number of nominations (12) and ridicule (addressed to the leading man Leonardo DiCaprio, who will not receive “Oscar”) was a “Survivor” of Alejandro gonzález iñárritu. And the main character of many films, in the words of the character of another nominated picture, “Mad Max: fury Road”, has become a man whose life is reduced to one instinct – the instinct of survival.

photo: AP

10 nominations – the movie “Mad Max: fury Road” George Miller, 7 – “the Martian” by Ridley Scott. In the category “Best film” presents 8 paintings. In addition to the above is “Brooklyn”, “In the spotlight”, “shorting”, “Bathroom”, “Spy bridge.” But in the directing category were only five: Alejandro gonzález iñárritu with “Survivor”, George Miller of “Mad max”, Leonard Abrahamson with “the Room”, Tom McCarthy with the painting “In the spotlight” and Adam McKay with the “shorting”. Surprisingly, that feature turned out to be Steven Spielberg to “Spy bridge”, and this is one of the biggest Hollywood movies of the past year. Even more unlucky Quentin Tarantino “Disgusting eight”, which although nominated for cinematography, music, best actress in a supporting role, the most important nominations deprived.

“Surviving” was for DiCaprio physically demanding project, what he has repeatedly said publicly. Apparently, this enraged his French counterpart Gerard Depardieu. So he gave a portion of blows to Hollywood and specifically this picture at the recent Berlinale. Depardieu himself is also played something similar in the film “the End” of Guillaume Niklu shown in the Berlin program “Forum”. His hero was lost while hunting, wandered through the woods, bumping into the Scorpions and naked women. After passing your road of hardship, Depardieu criticized the comfort of Hollywood movies, and called on American colleagues to ishlatsa shit in the name of truth on the screen. And what was right. Is it possible to believe in the suffering of Leo. Everything is so beautiful and artificially, though the actor was eating raw liver, were drenched and chilled on set. On the screen-it was not made clear.

Like “Survivor”, “the Martian” – it is a kids movie that any comparison is not with the pictures of the “Spy bridge” Steven Spielberg and “In the spotlight” by Tom McCarthy about the investigation of the crimes of priests against young teenagers. Movies about survival in extreme circumstances happy to look teenagers. About the artistic breakthrough and can not speak. But in these paintings the greatest chance to break through to the coveted Golden Oscar uncles. Once iñárritu in his homeland in Mexico filming the series, and “Survivor” all it kind of backfired. DiCaprio in the role of abandoned and faithful companions of the hero crawls from obscurity into the light. He slanted a look reminiscent of Lenin, who wants to play. DiCaprio riding a horse in the bull’s-eye, overcoming snow drifts, shows miracles of dexterity, but all this baby talk. The picture is beautifully filmed, although she’s not at least until the Chinese film “Against the tide” Yang Chao, noted at the recent Berlinale for cinematography achievements.

As in “Survivor” hero Matt Damon – NASA astronaut – was left alone on Mars. He divides food stocks to last as long as possible, sorts the potatoes and bitterly says: “for seven days, as I ran out of ketchup”. Maybe the experts are right “Golden globe”, which established the “Martian” in the category “Comedy/musical”, where he won. DiCaprio will compete for the “Oscar” not only with Matt Damon, but also an outstanding actor like Michael Fassbender in the not very successful “Steve Jobs”, Bryan Cranston in “TRUMBO” and Eddie Redmayne in “the Danish Girl” – the role of transition in the women’s Amateur. In the top five best Actresses – remarkable Charlotte Rampling in the film “45 years” (though nothing new for myself, not played it), brie Larson in “the Room” already marked “Golden globe” in the category “drama”, cate Blanchett in lesbian drama “Carol”, saoirse Ronan in “Brooklyn” and “Jennifer Lawrence” in the film “Joey”, also became the owner of “Golden globe” as best Comedy actress.

Perhaps the most unusual animated feature the unit was “Anomalisa” Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson. Its protagonist lives in an impersonal world where people can’t hear each other. But he meets Lisa, which in itself – a complete anomaly, since it is able to feel and love. In a hotel room heroes will cover this puppet passion in animation we’ve ever seen.

The Golden globe for “Best foreign language film” received the Hungarian debut film about the Holocaust “Saul’s Son” Laszlo Nemeth. And at the Oscars it has a chance of winning, although this nomination is one of the strongest, and the competition is big. Here and “Embrace the serpent”, “Mustang”, “War”, “Pride” is a striking work from around the world, is able to give odds to Hollywood. Documentary section is too strong: “the Look of silence”, “the Land of cartels”, “Winter fire”, “What happened, miss Simone?”, “Amy.” The “land of cartels” Matthew Heineman (USA-Mexico) of drug trafficking was awarded by the jury of the documentary competition at the Moscow festival “Silver George”. “The look of silence” Joshua Oppenheimer – the terrible truth about the genocide in Indonesia in the 60-ies of the last century, where the victims along with those who were destroyed. Almost all the crew was working anonymously, with the exception of the Director, operator and producer.

In the nominations “Oscar” – two Russian. 43-year-old Eugene Afineevsky is a native of Kazan, now living between Israel and the United States. He worked in television, worked as a producer, participated in the project “Crime and punishment” (USA-Poland-Russia) in 2002. “Winter fire” is the third directorial work of Eugene. She, according to him, is about the heroism of the people who have to protect the freedom of their country. The events cover more than 93 days in 2013 and 2014, when the Ukrainian citizens in the streets protesting against the Yanukovych government. Particularly impressive are the frames where older women appear on the Maidan with pots on the head, thus expressing a protest against the ridiculous policy of their leaders. The film made as an ode to the heroes, he is an antique scale.

The most important nomination, this time for “Best animated film”. In his five applicants submitted Russian 15-minute film, “We can’t live without cosmos” St. Petersburg Director Konstantin Bronzit. This is the story of two astronauts, since the childhood dreaming to go to the stars, knowing the value of true friendship. Konstantin Bronzit moved to Los Angeles in advance to within a ten-day tour to present his film at Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures. You can only be glad that this happened in spite of the obstacles and indifference of our officials from the cinema that showed the movie in the Year of wonders incompetence.


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