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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Obama has proven that he believes in freedom more than Bush”

In the near future the US intelligence services can get access to all mobile gadgets. The conflict between the FBI and Apple have released outside of America, only a convenient excuse to finally do away with the right of Americans to privacy. It would have remained an internal affair of the USA if American gadgets not yet managed to get the people around the world.

The formal reason of the conflict between the FBI and Apple has provided iPhone said Farouk party banned in Russia and many other countries of the world organization “Islamic state”, which on 2 December last year, killed 16 and wounded 24 people in the Californian city of San Bernardino. As part of the investigation of this terrorist act the agents have any understandable desire to “dig” in the mobile phone killer. Armed with a court order, investigators went to Apple, so they provided them with technical support.

“The Chairman of the Senate intelligence Committee Richard Burr has demanded criminal penalties for those companies who refuse to cooperate with the authorities of hacking into high-tech devices”

Apple already came with a similar warrant, and the company’s lawyers responded with a learned speech, they say, are ready to cooperate, but there is a problem – the encryption on Apple products are designed in such a way that to access protected data without knowing the key, it is impossible in principle. If so, all that can – help, but to most of the data they themselves cannot access.

Interesting fact: enhanced protection gadgets was introduced after revelations escaped to Moscow NSA agent Edward Snowden. That is, in case of interest of special services to private data of clients of the company. First, contrary to the letter of the law, secret services, even the warrant itself did not bother.

Agents such excuses are not satisfied, and the resonance of the criminal case allowed the Bureau to put pressure on the company with all its might. Now, the FBI wants the following: Apple needs to develop a new version of its operating system – with a built-in “loophole” which will allow you to bypass the encryption. This system will be installed on the iPhone of a terrorist, in the end, the Bureau will have access to all protected data. For its part, the Bureau solemnly promises that more of this “loophole” will not be, without court decision on other phones to install it will not, and generally will strongly respect privacy. In General, an “exceptional and isolated case”

As you can guess, in the Apple have reacted to this idea with skepticism. However, on February 16 the U.S. district court in Los Angeles sided with law enforcement agencies and ordered the company to comply with all requirements of the Bureau during the week. On Friday it became known that the lawyers of the IT giants were able to negotiate three days. Thus, Apple is obliged to provide the FBI software to 26 th.


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