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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Little ice age will begin in 5 years?

They are bold women — Valentina Zharkova, Professor of the British University of Northumbria, Elena and Popov, senior researcher of faculty of physics and Institute for nuclear physics of Moscow state University. Usually some climatologists argue around the forecasts for the next hundred years. Valentina, Elena, and their co-authors have made predictions for several years ahead. So check them right can and colleagues, we are with you. It is not surprising that the report of the conference of the Royal astronomical society in Wales has caused a flurry of responses and in the scientific world, and on the Internet.

Here’s the point: the new solar cycle will be very similar to the Maunder minimum (see “Help “KP”), when the people of earth experienced a little ice age. And it will happen very soon, in 2030 — 2040 years.
Call Valentina Zharkova in England:

— Everything will start after 5 — 6 years, — with the first words stunned Professor. — Solar activity has been decreasing for five consecutive cycles, from mid-1970-ies. The minimum is three 11-year cycle around the year 2020. And on the 26 th cycle, between 2030 and 2040, will have the cold peak. Solar activity will fall by 60% compared to current. The intensity of solar radiation (which is the main source of heat on the planet) will decrease by 3 watts per square centimeter. It’s more than warming impact of the greenhouse effect — they say about 2 watts per square centimeter Although still stronger on the Ground will affect the way we think, change the magnetic field of the Sun.

I believe that we acted in time. People need to think about how to stay warm, not how to escape from warming. One scientist from Greece wrote to me — it examines the changes in the trees. This year the trees bloomed a month later! The land already feels the impending cold snap. The sun — our boss that cannot be ignored! It will remind everyone who’s boss. Those who do not believe, I say, let’s wait — there are only 5 or 6 years.


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