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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“Jamal is ready to rewrite the song for “Eurovision”, “if you find a suspicious””

Jamal with a song “1944”, dedicated to the memory of her great-grandmother, sent, like all Crimean Tatars by Stalin in 1944, in the cold of the Kazakh steppe, has become not just a winner of the national selection round for “Eurovision 2016” from Ukraine, and shaped information bomb, Saragossa on both sides of the borders with neighbors, making them long and sometimes bloody catfight broke out yet another scandal.

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja


If Jamal won with something like “Smile” with which she had once tried to break through to “the Contest” (2011), or the finalists-the winners would be, say, enchanting or SunSay Hardkiss (pushechnyi and popular “Neangely” the odds were shaky initially), the election of the Ukrainian delegation to the competition europesn the local media overlooked as sleepily as the recent Belarusian “evropolis” IVAN — Alexander Ivanov, “pushed” by producer Victor Drobysh after Russian TV contest “Main stage”.

But then, sorry, it was “a provocation of the year” — the Tatars, the Crimea, Eurovision! Right music-song “Molotov cocktail”. “Speculation of Kiev to the Crimean tragedy”, “slippery musical and political move” nervously alert the local pochvenniki, statesmen and jingoists.

Their “colleagues” in Kiev, on the contrary, was excited: “Such songs and performers have to show on the international stage of the depth and tragedy of the suffering of modern Ukraine — the languishing victim of Russian aggression”.

State Duma Deputy Drapeko, in turn, found in the song “the pin, which pricked Russia”, Deputy Dengin from the liberal democratic party was already “unearthed” that is the result of a rigged television contest “Kiev junta”, inasmuch as television in Ukraine no one, it turns out, aren’t watching — electricity is expensive, and thus, 380 thousand SMS send was none… I Remember that my teacher of algebra, Russian slovenica, a long time ago they used to say in high school: “And not rowney!” — and hitting the pointer on the head of anyone who came to hand. Honored teacher of the RSFSR…

Aside europecanada scandal, of course, were unnecessary doubt that 1944 was actually 70 years ago that this was a crime of Stalin’s regime, condemned by us many years ago, it is our common pain and trouble and tragedy family may be a personal experience (including actor, artist, writer, singer) regardless of the political situation, etc. etc. Even the fact that a good song is not always just two stamp movement, three of bootstrap that I want to relax and have fun, gaggling and hiccuping contentedly (or not so contentedly — all the same crisis)…

Of course, in all these merrymaking patriots, with their eternal squabbles about right and wrong, clean and dirty, hunting for the pack of witches and hordes of enemies almost anyone in our media space (Europe is lined up for an interview the singer) was interested to learn from the Jamala: what, why, how? What he thinks, feels, how and why has the song as her response around? And even almost poked a pin to mother Russia? — why not ask… so I called. Jamal responded very kindly and friendly and more about all told — especially for “ZD” and “MK”.

— Jamal, in addition to winning the national eurotram you presented today as much as four nominations YUNA (Ukrainian music awards), and I remember the “New Wave-2009”, your victory, when you know about our first and very funny interview… We called you “Ukrainian Zhanna Aguzarova”, compared to Amy Winehouse, and you admitted that thrilled from the songs of the British diva…

In 2011 lamented, when you furtively took a ride on national selection in Ukraine. But it seems that it happened! Congratulations!

Now “1944” suddenly became the main calendar date — such around the song began turbulence! We can only guess what will be in the contest! Considering also that the two will clash the winner of the “New Wave” — you and Sergey Lazarev, and it seems that it will not be weaker the match between Dima Bilan/Yana Rudkovskaya and Ani Lorak/Phillip Kirkorov in 2008 in Belgrade, Yes?

— Oh, I didn’t even think about such Parallels, indeed! Ha ha ha, great!.. Thanks for the congratulations! I’m actually with a completely different feeling than in 2011, went on the selection. Was really worried, saying, I have such-rataka song (“Smile”), guys, guys, smile! It was the emotion of that period of my creativity.

For this contest I did go spontaneously, unexpectedly, I would say adventurous. I usually make decisions in advance, and here for a week.

The organizers invited me to the semi-final, and at first I was inclined to refuse, but when asked about the song I may want to show, then I remembered that a year and a half ago I wrote “1944”, and it was therefore a separate island.

I long could not understand, what do I do with this work. It didn’t fit as the new album “Podeh” (“Breath”), which tells the story of my love, the disappointments, is a very “girly” album. Neither the sense nor the sound it did not fit. And this is very personal for me, family story, and I realized that might be a little too “bold” to share such deep, personal drama of my family at the competition, which is a fairly light and entertaining — the story of my great-grandmother, who survived the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, and “1944” — the year of beginning, when her life changed forever and, accordingly, has changed the lives of all Jamaludinovich, my family. Were resettlement, return, many trials (the song was written in the year of the 70th anniversary of the tragic date. — “ZD”). But then I realized that I want to show a song to tell this story. Primarily because, in my opinion, was very interesting music — from drum & bass, breakbeat, mugham and DUDUK…

— DUDUK in the introduction is really very juicy, just thought you decided to have Armenian roots on mother’s recall — multiculturalism in broad strokes…

— Yes, they played a great DUDUK player, our Kiev guy Armen. It’s all intertwined, I deliberately left the lines and in the Crimean Tatar language. Originally the text was written in Ukrainian, then I decided to translate it in English, I helped my Moscow co-author Artur Antonyan, and was the result version, which was released in selection…

— Therefore, the scales in your doubt — to sing or not to sing this song on the contest swung in the direction of “Yes” for purely musical reasons, is that right?

— I am a musician, a singer, sorry to say obvious things, but I love to sing songs. The first is a very difficult vocal song that combines many techniques and subtone, and the mugam, and range. When I was recording in the Studio, she wigged out: I think it’s me that has been written, ha!

Honestly, I don’t like the contests, though they always win, because any competition is a competition, which means that it goes beyond purely musical process and turns it into a sport. You are put in a rigid framework: here’s three minutes, let’s surprise.

But I would like to surprise not by some special effects, but the understanding and feeling of music, that all was harmony, though unusual from the standpoint of stylistic, technical combinations. When the drum machine is interrupted by light piano accents, which hold all of mugam solo, momentarily lost key, then we return to the climax…

I was very inspired by this music. There are audible and British influence of course — and Ben Howard, Radiohead and, even Rudimental, but I brought all my people’s that I have that I absorbed from childhood and the Armenian and Crimean Tatar.

It’s in my blood, and I am pleased to share that throughout his not yet very long life. This is my code, and no matter how modern and fashionable we are, but in the end we always come to the roots.

Actually in America, and in Britain the same way — just their people’s Britania or amerikanschina sounds exactly the way they use it and win this world. I enjoyed the spices that are on my “kitchen” that is close to me. Therefore, in my opinion, the song is very sincere, and don’t listen to those who are trying to attract now some other stories. Listen to me, I’m the author! There is nothing superficial here, it’s a true story, and it is only truthful feelings.

— Qualifying final these “true feelings” you seem to be so overflowed that it seemed to you to burst into tears, and it wasn’t like Mylene Farmer — here; and here to dance…

— Indeed, it’s hard for me to sing this song. Trust me, every time I stay, I curse myself for the fact that there are unable to hang on, because the tears came, then breathing is not enough emotion. It’s true, and it is now for me the main thing I am wrestling with a too hard to pass emotions through yourself to the story in the end me and not hurt… I even (in final qualifying) was quite ready, that will win someone else — Hardkiss or SunSay. And for me it would be another sign that I should just not look in that direction, and to engage with their music, go to festivals and setting new goals — higher and higher as a musician and as a songwriter.

But in 2011, when you choose, aren’t you worried?

— How! Very hard experienced. Not because I chose to, but because everything was unfair! Because of this, and was this pause in five years. Did not want to even hear about the contest. It was very painful. Then, too — and the attention of the media, and fans, and everything in me has already set, and the whole country is wigged out from how it was unfair, rigged, it was obvious to all.

Now, fortunately, all the rules were respected, it was a tough format and international control. Tried to follow all the rules, it was felt. And I had inner peace, I knew that if I didn’t even vote, it will be fair, I’m going to understand, know, and not doubt. And, of course, a little bit with other brains came, wiser, grown up.

But saved you in the end the public vote. The jury, though heavily disputed among themselves because of you, gave you only the second place, and Chairman Konstantin Meladze expressed three major concerns: the song, the dress, the setting…

I had not planned to do (in qualifying round) such number that, well, Hey, two days to the competition. I didn’t know what would be the result, why spend extra money? Therefore all the criticism of the dress and setting is warranted. Of course, the dress will have another, and another room.

— And the song? See, Kostya (Meladze) was also a little worried. Regardless of your personal emotions and sincere feelings, the wave came — and in Ukraine and Russia, and Europe is worried. Everyone’s talking about the demarche, and not about stylistic frills. What do you think?

— Seeking political history, the, of course, find her and in the song “Grass is green the neighbor.” What neighbor? Why green? And so on. This can be found in any story, especially now that our countries are such a stressful situation. And someone, of course, it is profitable. But in the words of a song, no studs, no injection, no. Everyone understands everything in moderation whether its depravity, maturity — I don’t know…

— Last year, I remember, tried to find political subtext and Polina Gagarina, saying that the song “A Million Voices” is an attempt to clap sheep’s clothing “peacefulness” and to disguise the image of a “belligerent Putin’s Russia” the meek blonde a La Marilyn Monroe…

On the other hand, there is a rule that observes keenly, the contest turned into a Playground song-political battles and declarations, which seems reasonable, given how many different, and sometimes contending with each other countries are participating in it.

Last year, for example, the Armenians (Geneology group) had to change the song name to avoid suspicion in pedaling the topic of Armenian genocide, the centennial of which was celebrated. Toto Cutugno in the distant 1990, almost disqualified for “unnecessarily politicized” the text for the glory of a United Europe in the song “Insieme: 1992”, the Georgians Stefane 3G was banned from singing in 2009 in Moscow “We Don’t Wanna Put In”, etc. won’t kill Lee, and “1944”?

— If the Board of EBU (European broadcasting Union) will find in my words something suspicious, something they don’t like, I rewrite it. True! I am. But there really is nothing there! Why “1944” — I explained already. We will solve problems as they arrive.

I think that just bully people for whom it is profitable, so you want to play. Let’s talk about music and abstracting from the situation. I have a lot of good reviews received from Russia, and I like the author very pleased that my songs are performed already on television contests, and danced to my “Promise” and the album “Podeh” went really well to the masses, Timur Rodrigez wrote to me that he actually “dies” from this album, Polina Gagarin wrote that he scared her remember… a lot of feedback from colleagues from Russia in the address of my creativity, and I thank you all so much! What could be more valuable to me!

— We wait for you in Moscow from the promo tour?

— God Forbid! Let us pray for the conflict to be resolved, that all was well, though and the music triumphed. You need to think and live positively and positive, not to find non-existent subtext. I personally always try to do. For me, of course, a great honor to represent his country and his art, but I’m not obsessed with this contest and even more non-existent desires to insert someone some pins…


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