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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Gorbachev acknowledged the Savior of civilization”

Monday will be a presentation of the book “Gorbachev in life.” It is timed to the 85th anniversary of Mikhail Gorbachev, celebrated March 2. This book consists of snippets of interviews of the first and the last President of the USSR, just quotes, is dedicated to Gorbachev, and toast in his honor. The book, of course, made in very warm intonation in relation to Mikhail Sergeyevich, a negative assessment of its performance lacks, which is natural in light of the anniversary. But the material it assembled a bright, distinctive and unexpected. The publishers believe that this book is better and more than all the past, reveals the personality of Gorbachev and what he has done for us.

Take for instance shown in the volume toast Michail Zhvanetsky in honor of the jubilee: “Mikhail Sergeyevich! You our millions of people opened what they didn’t guess. It turns out that in addition to the uniforms, there is also clothing. There are cars that start in cold weather. Housing is bought, and not was prayed by. And what is to go abroad and, sorry, back! Back, sorry, here! And it turned out that America is not Paradise, but hell we don’t. That’s how many discoveries we gave one person”.

The book contains interviews with fellow countrymen, classmates Gorbachev.

— He has ceased to be available when the began to occupy high positions?

— What are you! — responsible classmate of Gorbachev T. Polyakova. — Once I turned on you — he hurt…

He stood out among his peers?

I don’t think it was drastically different from us, says a childhood friend V. Soft. — We all had the same entertainment and work. How it will allocate from among the boys who rubbed the feet soaked hemp? On foot size?

He played the balalaika and taught me that, — a distinguishing sign of the neighbor of the future Secretary General I. Thistle.

We were assistants to their fathers. In the summer on vacation instead of bathe, was at the helm of his father’s harvesters and cleaned bread — recalls the villager A. Yakovenko.

A separate Chapter is devoted to Raisa Gorbacheva. Recalls Gorbachev himself: “that evening I sat over a book, look friends. “Misha,” they say, ” is there such a girl! New girl, let’s go.” And I went to the club, not knowing that I was going to meet his fate. Soon all his free time with Raisa we began to spend together, everything else faded into the background”.

And Irina Gorbachev says about parents: “They behaved with me very discreetly, without symptoms of love. But there was interpenetration: dad after work, told your day: where you went, who you talked to, what thoughts came, and my mother told me about your students at the Department. And we all listened to each other”.

And Irina says that after the resignation of his father in their house phones were silent. The family overnight was left alone in the world. Pension Mikhail Gorbachev in the period was in terms of currency — $4 a month, and later she already was very ill. And all the conversations around them were about only one in the country is bad — and blame Gorbachev.

Now, 25 years after the collapse of the USSR, hundreds of presents to 800-page book, scientists, politicians, artists say about Gorbachev as a man, not only gave our citizens their personal freedom, but also changed the whole world. In the book Margaret Thatcher calls him the greatest man of our time, Eduard Shevardnadze — person custom solutions, George Bush Sr.- a man of vision, before which you want to remove the hat, and physicist, Nobel laureate Joseph Rotblat — the Savior of civilization. According to him, if not for Gorbachev’s reforms, nuclear war would become inevitable — and the world would burn in a nuclear nightmare.


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