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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Experts have estimated the level of popularity of Ramzan Kadyrov”

Launching an information attack on the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, non-systemic opposition tried to play on household caucasophobia, said political analyst Alexei Chadayev. However, the last measurements of the polls showed that the attack failed, and Kadyrov’s popularity remains at a record high. In addition, the opposition simply missed, because caucasophobia in recent years has declined.

The General Director of the analytical center “Moscow region” (ACMR) Alexei Chadayev presented on Saturday its collaboration with sociologists VTSIOM study, which he himself in his Facebook is conventionally described as “Unsystematic and Kadyrov”.

“Fashion capital Kadyrov cover image capital “non-system”, as a bull a sheep”

“Three reasons why we talk about it.
The increased activity of the opposition in connection with the approaching elections to the state Duma: political support “non-systemic” agenda from abroad, tortolani with Kasyanov and the emergence of the “Chechen theme” as a constant refrain in the public activities of traditional pool of speakers,” wrote the analyst.

The analyst noted the increased activity of the opposition in connection with the approaching elections to the Duma, but said that outside of Moscow, Russia’s population has little interest in non-system opposition. He noted that if we appeal to the figures, it should be said that, according to the results of the study, 88% of Russians can’t imagine what non-systemic opposition; 72% have never heard that expression. In addition, only 4% of respondents without prompts to name any of its representatives.

According to IA REGNUM, nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents polled by VTSIOM, support the idea of “the trial of enemies of the people”. “Supporters of hard-line policy towards “non-system” among the most affluent Russians (34%), youth (29%) and people occasionally use the Internet (28%) – by all indications the main target group of the “city of protests,” said Chadaev.

According to him, the population perceives the non-system opposition as people who want to destabilize the situation in the country, operating in the interests of other States. Lack of organization also stresses the “non-system” and the illogic of their activities. By the way, among the most recognizable representatives were named Alexei Navalny, Mikhail Kasyanov, Ksenia Sobchak.

Judging by the results of the study, the non-systemic opposition are missing: awareness of leaders, trust, positive evaluation activities. As the analyst believes, the leaders of non-systemic forces are in search of “the folk”, which could provide them with a growth of brand awareness. Previously, since 2011, this theme was corruption, however, over the years, the authorities generally intercepted by the anti-corruption agenda. Alexei Chadayev reminded that this topic Navalny was trying to make a name for himself. Now, however, in public opinion the main antikorruptsionera was Vladimir Putin, I am sure the Director-General ICMR.

Now, according to Chadaev, in the non-systemic opposition decided to play on the national theme. “Why the new target is Kadyrov? Three reasons: the Chechen: you can survive on household caucasophobia, active on the Internet: lead accounts in social networks that are relevant for their nuclear audience (the”network hamsters”), is responsible and responds: and so is one of those who notice their existence”, – the political scientist has listed.

Chadaev has acknowledged that a series of scandals on the line “non-system against Kadyrov” really steadily stirs media interest.

“Any move is an event, they come to visit us. Links, likes, reposts, stormy trips “hamsters” back and forth across the Network, but significant shifts in the political preferences of citizens it does not. You could say it’s a show, which is fun to watch, but in General for people of all relates to the space of glamour. There are characters from the glamour is, for example, Sobchak. To the same space concerns and a war with Kadyrov, it does not go into a different plane. In this sense, lives it, until you get bored, just like the show,” he said.


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