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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Because of poverty of Russians, the developers are reducing the floor space of the flats”

Large apartment – a prestigious and convenient. Who would argue. However, not everything is measured by “the attitude” and practicality. And here is the result. For three years, from January 2013 to January 2016 – the average area of apartments in Moscow fell by almost a quarter, to be exact – by 24% (from 90.5 to 69.1 sq m).

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

– The trend to reduce the size of the apartment and increase the volume of supply is small in square footage of lots become relevant even in the primary market of high-budget housing., – told “MK” specialists “best new Building”. – However, in the luxury segment to the “small cutting” refer with caution and include these apartments in the projects in small scale. Lots with an area up to 50 sq. m. is now only 1.5% of the total exposure.

It is clear that the offer of small apartments follows the demand and corresponds to the present level of purchasing power. Experts give you an example: on the primary market economy – and comfort-class 60% of demand is for Studio and one-bedroom apartments. This is more than double the number of transactions with one-bedroom apartments. In the segment of business – and premium figures are more modest, but also show stable dynamics in the aggregate amount of purchases of studios and one-bedroom apartments exceeds the demand for two-bedroom (41% vs. 38%). In the luxury segment, the share of requests for purchase of apartments with an area up to 100 sq. m has increased over the year by 4% and amounted to 26% of the total number of transactions for high-budget housing figure is almost unprecedented.

Is it so terrible global minimization of the squares? Of course, no. The increase in the number of small apartments and, accordingly, reduction of the budget for the purchase expands the possibilities of potential buyers to purchase housing. Worth the wait, experts stress that very soon the market will have a comfortable apartment with area of 20-24 square meters. For young families such housing is the only chance to get a roof over my head, what at the moment, despite the crisis state of the industry, however.


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