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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“At the seaside national Park, scientists have found leopard-longevity”

In the national Park “Land of leopard” in the lens of camera traps caught the far Eastern leopard Leo 35M, a scientist known under the name of Alex. According to scientific employees of the national Park, today the predator is not less than 16 years, which is a very good age for members of his species

Leopard Alex. Photo: instagram.com/amurleo_land

For the first time this leopard was discovered by scientists in 2003. Later scientists caught him three times, conducted medico-biological examination, after which were marked with radioshackcom and released. According to researchers, these catches are confident Alex was “the special guest”.

Subsequently, trapping of leopards was banned, and then for some time scientists had no information about the Alex. Recently, however, they were able to see him again. Initially, the experts saw left in the snow the deer, the victim of a leopard. In the hope that the predator will be back for another fresh prey, researchers have found in this place snapped. The plan worked — in the frame really got leopard, in which researchers learned of Alexei.

It tells the engineer-researcher of the national Park Viktor Storozhuk, even 9 years ago, when scientists caught Alexei in the past, he was not too young for middle Eastern leopard. Now he is at least 16 years, while the life expectancy for his subspecies is assessed at 12 years. However, despite its age, the leopard hasn’t lost his touch — to such conclusion employees of the national Park came, after examining the place of hunting. Judging by the traces left, he showed good speed and reaction.

This is the third recent case of the discovery of the staff of the national Park, the leopard’s longevity in the wild.


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