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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“”Apple” consent”

The Congress of the party “the Apple” on 28 February chose Grigory Yavlinsky as a presidential candidate in 2018. In the elections to the state Duma the party in contrast to the so-called parliamentary opposition (the Communist party and “Fair Russia”) will not focus on criticizing the government, the ambitions of the “Apple” much higher: the Duma campaign, according to Yavlinsky, will be part of the presidential. In this context, one of the most discussed at the Congress themes was the Union of democratic forces in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Photo: press service of the Yabloko party

“Now you ask me about the Association of Democrats, and I answer: we will do our best. And as you think, what else to ask, let him tell Emily Edgartown (the Chairman of the party. — Ed.)”, joked Yavlinsky before the briefing.

Speaking to reporters, he reiterated his position that “man is above any ideology” and that the crisis needs to offer a real economic program: to ensure the inviolable right of private property, structural reform and economic diversification, withdrawal from raw orientation, strengthening of the banking sector, the cessation of military-political adventures and the ending of sanctions and retaliatory sanctions, support of the state’s largest agencies, and support through the creation of appropriate infrastructure for small and medium-sized businesses. Important policy measures: the law should be equal for all, and the court should be independent.

— But these measures are not possible in this system, — added the politician.

And how do you change the system?

— Finally we have the answer: to choose a new President. You can’t take seriously the question, if you say, we will have three deputies in the Duma, then the case will go.

You can say that about candidates and programs Yavlinsky delegates came to a consensus: he was voted 135 people, but against only one, besides bravura speech before the vote dragged on for more than two hours. “Grigory Yavlinsky represents an alternative to Putin and his system,” — said the Chairman of the party Emilia Slabunov. “The company has always offered a false alternative: either Putin or the Communists, a choice between bad and very bad, — said the Chairman of St. Petersburg Yabloko’s Mikhail Amosov. We need to show that there is a real alternative”. 29-year-old Deputy Chairman of the party Alexander Gnezdilov said to his peers, who resent that Yavlinsky ran for President, even when they went to school, speaking against the same longtime Putin, Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky. “It’s like computer quest until you pass one level, you cannot switch to another,” he said. A former Chairman of the party Sergei Mitrokhin called Yavlinsky a “modern Hercules” capable of clean up “these Augean stables”, because he is the only politician who at the same time a professional economist.

However, everything possible that can be done to join the Democrats, met the participants of the Congress in different ways. Even the state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov, former state Duma Deputy of the state Duma of four convocations Vladimir Ryzhkov (most likely, both policies will be solicited from Yabloko in single-mandate constituencies (Ryzhkov in Altai Krai, and Gudkov in Moscow), which was invited to the Congress in the status of guests, supported Yavlinsky, but the Association said differently. “Need to list “the Apple”, — said Ryzhkov. Gudkov spoke more vaguely: “Ready to support any agreement between Yabloko, PARNAS and “Demolitia”. Michael Kasyanov, according to in the policy environment, advocates the establishment of a unified party.

It is known that there are negotiations and all these options are discussed. But there are a lot of stumbling blocks, chief of which is the difference of interests and personal political ambitions over the seats in the lists.

As summed up by Yavlinsky, the list will eventually become “efficient allocation of productive frustration”, because all could not be satisfied. “We still have a month and a half”, — the politician summed up. When asked whether he planned to unite the Democrats around to support in the presidential election, he replied: “Not around, and around Russia.”


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