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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“Putin warned the FSB about the threat of Russia before the elections”

In early spring, Vladimir Putin traditionally holds a series of meetings with security officials: Ministry of internal Affairs, General Prosecutor’s office, Investigative Committee and the FSB in turn report to the Kremlin about the last year and goals for the future. This time in the first chart President planned a visit to the Lubyanka — not only because of his personal relationship with the FSB (Putin, as you know, was the regular scout), but also a special mission, which stands in front of the office in connection with the situation in the middle East and the elections in the state Duma. In both cases, from special services, by and large, want the same thing — to protect interests of Russia, which increasingly contrary to the General line of the Western partners.

photo: kremlin.ru

Because the Board of the FSB took place on the eve of the truce in Syria, which Russia and the United States agreed on 22 February, a large part of Putin’s speech was dedicated to the Syrian issue. For the President it was very important to dot the “i” and designate the difficult moments of possible misunderstanding. The reconciliation will be long and difficult, warned of the GDP. But the cease-fire will affect not only the ISIS and “Dzhabhat-EN-Nusra and other terrorist organizations recognized as such by the UN security Council”. “The fight against them will continue. I hope that our American partners also proceed from this” – said the GDP.

It is noteworthy that the freely available there is no information about the structure of those in Syria, have been recognized by the UN security Council terrorist. In addition, a number of opposition forces fought against the official Damascus in cooperation with units of al-Nusra. A question arises: whether they fall under the ceasefire? And whether on this account the position of the main regulators of the peace process — that is, Russia and the USA?

At the time of Putin’s speech to the FSB, the opposing forces were to mark their participation – or nonparticipation – in the truce. (A collection of hits ended at noon Damascus time on the hour behind Moscow). However Vladimir Putin on the results of the “bid” anything not publicly announced, limiting the observation that “information flows”. (His spokesman Dmitry Peskov also declined to give the number of groups that agree to lay down their arms). Putin stressed that stopping the bloodshed is not the ultimate goal. The situation of “neither peace nor war” is unacceptable to Syria. The main task is to create conditions “for the start of full-fledged inter-Syrian dialogue with participation of all constructive political forces”. In the current situation, the FSB, according to the President, needs to concentrate on curbing the activities associated with ISIS clandestine groups and tighten control over arrivals from the Middle East refugees, under the guise of which can hide terrorists. Seizing the moment, Putin again rejected allegations of “heating” of the migrant crisis: “Look what is happening on the border with Macedonia — refugees from Afghanistan. What does Russia’s actions in Syria?”

From internal issues that should not slip away from the field of view of the FSB, Putin in his speech highlighted two upcoming parliamentary elections and economic crimes. GDP told that regularly meets with reports to key personnel from which it follows that the election to show interest not only political forces and parties, but, “as people say, our enemies abroad”.

“We need to stop any external attempts to interfere in the election, in our internal political life. You know that such technologies exist and have already been used in a number of countries. I repeat: this is a direct threat to our sovereignty, and we will be on her to react accordingly”, – said Putin.

The head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov (from its report, the journalists managed to hear only the beginning) put it even more specifically. Enemies — primarily the US and its allies. And the threat of “color revolutions” is associated not only with parliamentary elections, but with the subsequent presidential. “There is a desire to provoke illegitimate change of political leadership of our country”, – said Bortnikov. This desire, apparently, in the first place is realized through the staff of Western intelligence agencies, the number of which, judging by sounded on Board data is constantly growing. As, however, and the number of failures. If by the end of 2014, the FSB reported on the detention of foreign personnel 290 employees and agents, now about 400. (Experts believe official statistics is unlikely. This number of failures would cause scandals. Gennady Gudkov, like Putin served in the KGB, assumed that captured spies are considered to be including such people as Svetlana Davydova, from the window of the house watching the neighboring military unit)

With regard to economic offences at this stage, Putin said, the most important thing is to prevent theft in the field of defence procurement. “To ensure the defense of the country now stand out a lot, we can say, huge resources, said the President, These funds should be the most reliable way protected from crooks”.


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