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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Putin promised to find and punish the terrorists blew the A321”

The cause of the crash of the Russian airliner A321 in the Sinai Peninsula, officially named: unidentified explosion devices of foreign production capacity of up to kg in a trotyl equivalent. President Putin instructed the intelligence agencies to find terrorists, and the military to strengthen combat operations in Syria. The FSB announced a reward of 50 million dollars for information on the case.

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“Russia is not the first time confronted with the barbaric terrorist crimes”

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday held a meeting on the results of investigation of circumstances of death of the A321 plane with Russian tourists on the Sinai Peninsula.

The Russian authorities finally decided on the version: cause of death of the liner was an explosion on Board. The President called this a terrorist attack one of the bloodiest.

“The killing of our people in the Sinai are among the most bloody for the number of victims of crime. And we won’t wipe the tears from our soul and heart. It will stay with us forever. But this does not prevent us to find and punish the criminals,” the President said, noting that the operation of the Russian aerospace defence forces will be strengthened.

“Our combat air operations in Syria should not just be continued. This needs to be strengthened so that criminals understand that retribution is inevitable,” he said, instructing the defence Ministry and the General staff to submit proposals.

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Egypt, a terrorist attack, Russians abroad, air crash

“Russia is not the first time confronted with the barbaric terrorist crimes, often for no apparent reason, external or internal, as with the explosion at the railway station in Volgograd in late 2013. We never forgot,” reminded the head of state and has instructed the intelligence agencies to focus on finding terrorists.

“We have to do it without a Statute of limitations, know them all by name. We’ll look for them everywhere, wherever they were hiding. We find them anywhere in the world and pocharam”, promised Putin.

“I ask the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to appeal to all our partners. We hope in the course of this work, including for search and punishment of criminals, all of our friends,” said the President to the foreign Ministry.

He emphasized that Russia will act in accordance with article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, providing for the right of States to self-defence.

“All who try to help the criminals must know that the consequences of such attempts of concealment will lie entirely on their shoulders. I ask all our special services to focus on this work,” Putin said.

The President noted that “we should rely on people who share our moral and ethical values that underpin our policies, in this case foreign policy and security policy, the policy against terrorism”.

Kilograms of explosives carried on Board

“You can definitely say that it is a terrorist act”, – stated at the meeting the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov.

According to him, the plane detonated improvised explosive device foreign production capacity up to 1 kilogram in a trotyl equivalent, after which the liner came apart. This explains the large radius of the scatter of the wreckage, said Bortnikov.

The FSB stated that it shall take all measures to search for terrorists. “The Federal security service and law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation, efforts are being made to trace the persons involved in this crime”, – reported in the Agency and announced a reward for information.

“The Federal security service refers to the Russian and international public to assist in finding terrorists. For providing information contributing to the apprehension of criminals, will be paid remuneration in the amount of 50 million USD,” reported the public relations Center of the FSB.

In Egypt

Meanwhile, there were reports of the detention in Egypt of two employees of airport Sharm El-Sheikh on suspicion of involvement in the premises of an explosive device on Board. Both of them were on duty on the day of departure of the deceased liner, reports Reuters with reference to sources in the Egyptian security services.

In masterstve of civil aviation of Egypt say that the Egyptian investigators did not receive any information confirming the version of terrorist attack on Board an A321. According to the source of the Egyptian portal Йоум7 in the Department, an investigation under Egyptian leadership, still have received no data or evidence about the cause of the crash. The source also added that currently the Egyptian authorities are trying to clarify the Russian side the situation, RIA “Novosti”.

Long thought

Recall that the version of analysts voiced caution in the first hours after the tragedy: another reason that the speed of the ship suddenly fell a few times, pick up was not easy. Then it turned out that the plane has collapsed on the train, which for technical reasons is very rare. However already in day of the tragedy the major European airlines announced the suspension of flights over the Sinai until the circumstances of the tragedy.

Then a terrorist reacted more strongly to Express foreign experts, and then representatives of the authorities of Western European countries. Analysts pointed out that the airport in Sharm El-Sheikh is very weak security system, passengers often invite airport staff bribes to avoid inspections of scanners, and the inspection here is not as strict as, for example, in the USA or Europe.

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Egypt as a party, is extremely disinterested in security at airports was rejected, officially and unofficially promoted the version about technical malfunction of the plane. It is, however, thoroughly and convincingly refuted in “Kogalymavia”, which many immediately after the tragedy began to blame the fact that she doesn’t care about the Park jets. Company executives said the Board was in excellent condition, and the tragedy occurred as a result of external factors.

At the same time, the official Russian government has until now not commented on the version of terrorist attack, and the day of the crash, investigators RF IC opened a criminal case under article “Infringement of rules of flights and preparation for them”.

The A321 aircraft to the Russian airline Metrojet (“Kogalymavia”) fell on October 31 in the Sinai Peninsula. Onboard there were 217 passengers and seven crew members. They all died.

The accident became the largest in the history of Russian aviation.

On 6 October the President of Russia Vladimir Putin accepted the recommendations of the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov to suspend flights to Egypt to ascertain the causes of the collapse of the A321. Two days later a decree banning flights to Egypt from Russia was signed by the President.


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