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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Trump, Cruz, and Rubio: ranging debate before “super Tuesday””

In the US passed the next debate between presidential candidates from the Republican party. The balance of the debate as would define their role. In the center (where else?) was the Donald trump. On either side of him were senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. And somewhere in the end – neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Governor John Casic. They were fastened to the “three hound” in order to slow down its motion.

photo: AP

More recently, Rubio and Cruz as communicated through the head of trump. Trump only fueled their rivalry, and when he noticed that one of them passes, and finished off his beak irony.

This time Round, and Rubio was beaten in trump. They tried to find every opportunity to RAM this leading the race of the billionaire.

Cruz tried to destroy trump, giving him pseudoconservative, which in reality did all of his life that was giving money to liberals and Democrats.

Rubio tried successfully to compete with Cruz. He Castil trump as the exploiter of illegal immigrants. Rubio even remembered that his mother once worked in one of the hotels trump. In addition, Rubio called trump’s experts on bankruptcy and pointedly told the audience.

The object of the ridicule was also the proposal by trump to force the Mexican government to build a wall that separates the United States from Mexico. He remembered that much more of a giant wall was built by the Chinese in those years, when the construction of such buildings did not have modern technology. Fight Rubio and trump was more fierce than the Cruz fight with trump.

The impression that Rubio is working for a conservative establishment of his party. He hit exactly the points of trump that have been designated by the Republican leadership. Of course, Republican elders were delighted with the performance, Rubio. Trump didn’t want as he could. He called Rubio “the master of strangulation,” and Cruz is just a “liar”.

And Rubio, and Cruz used the most appropriate for such an occasion tactic. They threw in the trump the exorbitant charges just to get him to switch from offense to defense.

In many respects they succeeded. However, as shown by opinion polls and the statements of many political strategists, the benefits are highly controversial, unlikely to play any role in the super Tuesday 1 March, when primaries will be held in 12 States.

And what to do at this time, the neurosurgeon Carson and Governor Kasic? The attitude towards them leading the debate, commentators C n EN looked at as indecent. Of course, the Governor of Kasik has no chance to make it to the nominees of the Republican party. As for Carson, he’s not goes the distance only because, to successfully carry out the sale of his books.

To show “the role of Kasika and Carson” in the debate will give only one remark of Carson. He almost forgot, he cried: “Please, somebody!” But no one attacked. Because not seen.

It is difficult to say whether the attack Rubio and Cruz on the trump may play a role in the super Tuesday. The fact that Rubio has built his performance on the script, written by his owners. They will certainly be happy with the way Rubio played written arias. However, as I said, the polls do not reflect any significant shifts in the dominant position of Donald trump.

However, before super Tuesday left not so much. Let’s wait and see.

Melor STURUA, Minneapolis

Watch the video on “Donald trump has attacked the eagle named Uncle Sam”

The candidate for presidents of the United States Donald trump is under attack from the hand of an eagle, nicknamed Uncle Sam during a photo shoot. The restless bird was acting on the hand policy and tried several times to bite American billionaire.

Video published on the website youtube.com user-The Jeremy Kyle Show


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