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Friday, March 16, 2018

“The fight against “Russian propaganda” leads the EU to repeat the fate of the USSR”

On behalf of the government of Germany’s intelligence service will conduct an examination in order to ascertain whether Russia methods of the Soviet KGB for propaganda and attempts to destabilize the situation in the country. The reaction of the EU on the Russian media has long resembles a tantrum. But his impotence before the “Russian propaganda” is understandable.

With the approach of spring in the EU has intensified the fight against “Russian propaganda”. The periods of maximal activity of contraproductive reason often coincide with the changing seasons – as in humans suffering from psychological disorders. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but, on the other hand, psychiatrists as joking, there is no sound, there are only under-examined ones.

“Counter-propaganda should be more exciting than propaganda, as well as counter-intelligence should be smarter intelligence, and intelligence – smarter terrorists”

The thought of the unhealthy nature of the “fight against Russian propaganda” occurs not only because of its seasonality, but also because of the apparent contradiction information policy those involved in the promotion of the European side. For example, “Deutsche Welle” on the eve of the published text, which foreshadowed a coming resignation of Angela Merkel, stated a serious erosion of its credibility in the international arena and recognizes the drastic reduction of the rating within the country. In her address, the term “exhaust steam” and also the phrase that the election with her “now, even a flower pot will not win”.

And today the same “Deutsche Welle” says that “the intelligence services of Germany was investigating Russian propaganda.” “German intelligence checks to see whether Russia uses the old methods of the KGB to weaken the position of Angela Merkel”, – said the publication.

Further in the text the question is asked, “are often grotesque exaggeration in the Russian state media, for example, comparing the events of new year’s eve in Cologne with the “crystal night” the times of national socialism, the attempt to weaken the Federal Chancellor?” “We want to know whether this kind of concept?” says “a source close to the investigation”.

Wave of information attacks on Western media Rossiyski the supply of Russian TV event in Cologne Germany special services are considered “active measures” to overthrow Merkel, what they should read an article in the “Deutsche Welle”, which explicitly States the weakness of the Chancellor and its detachment from real politics? Or when Merkel criticized German media is the freedom of speech, but when the Russian – “attempt to weaken the Chancellor”? If in this case, European journalists to start with yourself and, for example, to stop publishing critical materials about the Russian authorities? Something tells me that I don’t want.

The article also States that “governments of Eastern European countries and then claim that Moscow is aiming uses state media to sow discord between Europeans”. Under these statements, apparently, refers to the words of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that “the goal of the Russian leadership is the creation of an alternative European values”, and regular attacks against Russia from the Baltic countries, which connect NATO officials.

We will remind, the Director of the Center for strategic communication NATO Janis MPEI sorts in an interview with Latvian television on February 17, stated that “outreach projects RT and Sputnik” are part of the hybrid war of Russia against Latvia and the Alliance intends to closely monitor their activities.


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