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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“The entry of Turkey into the war depends now only on the Syrian army”

The head of the press service of U.S. state Department John Kirby acknowledged that the city of Aleppo, surrounded by the Syrian army. But a close win may delay the military intervention of Turkey. It became possible thanks to the mistakes made Damascus earlier. But it would be unlikely, if the Syrian army will be able to consolidate the gains in an environment of unprecedented political pressure.

Syrian government forces in Aleppo took the towns of Nubel (Nubbol) and Zahra and then went out in the area of the town of Salva to the Turkish border, cutting off a large group of jihadists from the main forces. This operation completed the first phase offensive around Aleppo, which included the release of Shiite and Christian settlements, which for several years was in full blockade and isolation. These settlements were a natural strongholds for communication advanced parts of the government army during the operation to restore control over the whole province and the Syrian-Turkish border.

“Turkey may ignore the opinion of “senior colleagues” in NATO, primarily the United States. Like the history has already been. The Turkish authorities are in principle not inclined to go on about the collective intelligence

In turn, the Russian VC struck at the site of the offensive of the government troops an unprecedented number of shocks, providing them with the opportunity of promotion. Some sources estimate the number of air strikes almost 350, and is a unique number to support one offensive rush army.

Recall that in the province of Aleppo plans for a strategic offensive by the Syrian army included the dismemberment of groups of jihadists on two lines based on Shiite and Christian settlements, and then output to the Turkish border. Dzhihadistky and so-called moderate armed groups of resistance gave way, and in the strategic plan the situation has changed easy on the eyes. The battle for the Aleppo city was not originally considered as a priority. A large part of Aleppo, seriously damaged by years of war, is already under the control of Damascus, and there is no sense to continue there tiring fighting for every house and every farm.

In parallel, in the area of the previously released base Qvaris is a sequential extension of control of territory, maybe not that quick, but thorough. Several settlements a day pushing ISIS towards the mountains, and the question of Queires more than in agenda not worth it. As there is no question about the possibility for ISIS to get to the side of the Kurds and to the Turkish border.

They had been warned. They were talking about. The quality of coordination between the Syrian army on the ground and Russian HQs have reached a level where such operations are carried out is really easy. Take a few tens of kilometers in a few days now – fine, but a couple of months ago it was a fairly complicated operation, which was planned only in theory.

The course of military operations in Celinemore jihadist resources now filled video, in which “the population of Aleppo is running from the Russian army”. In style they are very reminiscent of the famous footage of “the mass displacement of the Albanian population from the Serbian army from Kosovo”, which caused in the end the NATO attack on Yugoslavia. At that moment the resistance of UCK was almost suppressed, and the main battle group beheaded. Needed help from the outside.

The output of government troops to the Turkish border in the area of the main crossing points in and of itself is scary for the opposition of all stripes. And dagger division of the front, which everybody knew, but nobody wanted to believe that it is possible, puts a jihadist group in Aleppo on the brink of death. It should be remembered that there is no “siege of Aleppo” no, most of the city under the control of government troops for a long time, it is only that at the appropriate time to destroy the major opposition forces, deployed to the region from other fronts in the past two months. Jihadist forces for all that happened – the beginning of the end.

When the General staff of Syria together with the Russian Federation VC had planned these operations, in calculation, about which repeatedly wrote to the newspaper VIEW, made exclusively by the current military aspect. Simple story – government forces are attacking from Aleppo in the North-West and South-West in the direction of two many years of resisting enclaves, this will release them, cut common front of the opposition, and then the jihadists can start writing a will. And so it happened. This plan was carried out at the level of the General staff, and political risks have not been assessed. The shrank – the situation is evolving so quickly that the military does not keep pace with his own progress. And if something where promotion was faster, and many political risks would disappear.


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