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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Russians are waiting for the approach of Jupiter and the Eclipse of the Sun”

In 1998, the year “return” the Land on 9 March. It will show a total solar Eclipse, which will repeat one to one Eclipse that occurred 6585 days ago. This period is called the Saros (or Eclipse period), which shares the same Eclipse of the Sun. Generally in the first decade of March will happen at least three notable astronomical events.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

As have informed “MK” in the Moscow planetarium, the first in the calendar expected the opposition of the planet Jupiter, which is repeated every 13 months. If in ordinary days to consider it difficult, at the moment of confrontation with the Sun, Jupiter will be clearly visible. Besides, on the night of 8 March, its distance from Earth will reach 664 million km (the furthest distance of 998 million kilometers). Due to this, Jupiter will be the third brightness in the sky after the moon and Venus. It can be seen by the naked eye. And if you look through the binoculars near Jupiter can be seen four large satellites: IO, Europe, Ganymede and Callisto. At the greatest height above the horizon of Jupiter dates back to the middle of the night.

On 9 March the Ground will cover a full solar Eclipse, which will be a repeat of the blackout that occurred on February 26, 1998. Odnakovo cannot be observed in Moscow, as 18 years ago, it will capture only the Northern and Central parts of the Pacific ocean and the East Indian, private its phases will also be visible in Asia and Australia. The maximum Eclipse will be at Carolines in 4.58 Moscow time, where the full phase is 4 minutes 9 seconds. The next such Eclipse will happen will happen March 20, 2034.

The very next day after the Eclipse we are waiting for the lunar perigee. March 10, our natural satellite, Jupiter, will approach us in the near distance (this happens once a month). However, to see major lunar disk will fail, because the Moon in this period will be in the phase of new moon.


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