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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Russian society is reviewing the role of the “free market economy””

The majority of Russians want to return to a planned economy, and many of them – even the Soviet system. At least, that such ambiguous data are published according to the results of another sociological research. What actually mean these figures from the point of view of social demand?

The data of the survey “Levada-center” about which political and economic models prefer Russians, already understood as a sensation – the majority wants a planned economy, while the relative majority of the Soviet system. But what do the survey results?

“By supporting planned economy and welfare state, the Russians are not opposed to private property”

52% seems more correct economic system based on state planning and distribution, while half as many (26%) support an economic model based on private ownership and market relations. More than a fifth – 22 percent – were undecided. This is not surprising, because the question is asked in the style of “who do you love more – dad or mom?”.

Sociologists, of course, can put any experiments and to manipulate people, but why ordinary Russian people should choose between private property and planned economy, if it is quite compatible concepts? Moreover, the thesis about the contrast between one and the other is actively promoted seized power in 90-e years the fans of “the free hand of the market” solely for the sake of scaring people and holding power. “The Communists will come back and take you privatized the apartment” – scared voters before the 1996 elections. And then a few believed and even fewer believe now, after living 25 years with a market economy and under conditions of little, limited private property.

Actually, people are not against private property per se – they are against the privatization of the 90s, against the unjust redistribution of income, against social inequality. They are generally against the unjust economic model that has been created in the country in the 90s and that Putin and although very much has adjusted, but could not change radically.

It is very widespread support for the restriction of private ownership, for the establishment of a kind of ceiling – in the sense that it should not be in private hands in the oil and mining companies, industry giants and huge holdings, and the income of the rich should be taxed higher taxes. But even supporters of the Communist party not long ago are not for the abolition of the private ownership of the means of production, nor for the abandonment of market relations. So the proposed “Levada-the centre” the choice is simply not necessary to the Russian society.
From the USSR to Russia: how our country has changed in thirty years

There’s another query: how to combine in a single economic model and a strong social state strategic planning of socio-economic development, market relations and private property? How to combine strong government ownership and regulation with the advancement of private initiative and free enterprise? How to create an economic model that will be self-sufficient and competitive with the outside world, and contributing to the growth of production and standard of living for all strata of society and not allowing the unequal distribution of total income?

What are the concerns of the society, and such discussions don’t want the controlling of the current economic model, those who are called the oligarchs, and this is how the big capitalists and their intellectual and political underlings. To prevent reaching agreement on a formula for a new economic model, you need to initially confuse all the concepts to create an artificial controversy, and one form of such “black PR” and is a juxtaposition of the planned economy and private property. And it is very cheap method is the use of the phrase “State planning and distribution”, as it did in “the Meadow”.


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