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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“Physicists have turned graphene into superclasse”

In graphene, two-dimensional modification of carbon with a thickness of one atom, discovered another amazing property — an ultra-thin coating of it can reduce the energy consumption required for movement of the object, almost to zero.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org


A study conducted by a group of scientists under the guidance of Ernst Maier from the Swiss University of Basel, have shown that, when applied to the surface of the small plates of gold, graphene allows significantly to reduce the force of friction, which is exposed to the resulting structure. To move the plate size from 5 to 50 nanometers, they needed to use force from 2 to 200 Pectobacterium — as scientists say, this is incredibly low, reports Phys.org.

Implemented in practice, the experiment generally reiterated the results of computer models that are made earlier. However, while larger objects to carry out a similar experiment failed — the researchers suggest that the fault is a layer of hydrogen that collects on the edges of the film and “drag” design. However, experts believe that, in General, this problem is solved.

Scientists hope that their discovery will allow to put into practice open in the early 1990s, the phenomenon of sverhskorostey. In the future it will significantly increase the efficiency of a variety of mechanisms.

A scientific study published in the journal Science.

Graphene was created originally from Russia Konstantin Novoselov and Andrey Geim, who in 2010 was awarded for his discovery of the Nobel prize in physics. Since then, the “material of the future” is dedicated to a huge variety of different studies.


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