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Sunday, February 25, 2018

“Hungary announced the “failure” without Russia”

Time automatic renewal of anti-Russian sanctions has passed, proclaimed Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, speaking after talks with Vladimir Putin. As it was convinced the correspondent of the newspaper OPINION, to explain to each other the difficulties and prospects of bilateral relations the foreign Ministers of Russia and Hungary had literally on your toes.

The conversation between the two leaders began in the chamber atmosphere – modest Small hall of the Novo-Ogarevo residence, and each side took part in the so-called narrow composition. Putin was accompanied by his aide for international Affairs Yuri Ushakov and two Ministers – Sergey Lavrov (foreign Minister) and Denis Manturov (Ministry of industry). Along with Orban in the meeting room became the “Hungarian Ushakov” – the assistant to the foreign policy józsef Zukor, chief of staff to the Prime Minister jános lázár and Minister of foreign Affairs Peter Siyyarto.

“Hungary is a loyal member of the European Union. On this issue I want to render an opinion very carefully. Still be automatically renewed sanctions. I think this period is behind us”

For the arrival of the Orban cloudy weather, which was kept in Moscow all last week, retreated, and over the Novo-Ogaryovo shone through the blue sky. Soaking up the sun, the staff jokingly “confirmed” that the clouds broke up specially for the guests – in spite of the rumours about a new cold war. To match the weather turned and the ties of the Russian delegation – entirely blue, or blue.

It is noteworthy that in the Small hall Putin and Orban entered not separately, and together, as old friends. Lavrov, Manturov and Ushakov were waiting for them. The Ushakov put under your chair, opened the briefcase, from which protruded the corner of a red folder – apparently, not to look at the right time.

“I would like in the beginning of our conversation to note – we will discuss in a narrow format, and then in wider, with colleagues that, despite the problems and the decline in trade, still we are satisfied with the nature of our relations and their quality,” said Putin, emphasizing the voice of the word “character”.

“Hungary is our old, reliable partner, we hope very much that the plans we talked about a year ago, during my visit to Hungary, will move, will move forward and be implemented”, – the Russian President has reminded that exactly one year ago today, he had himself paid a visit to Budapest. “Thank you for accepting our invitation. Welcome!” – concluded the head of state.

Putin said, sitting in a chair by the fireplace, tapping from time to time patent leather Shoe on the carpet. First only left, and then when the floor was taken sitting at the right hand Orban, alternately both. Sitting on the other side from the President, Lavrov began tapping to the beat.

Orban did not feel so comfortable. He sat closer to the edge of the chair, it was evident that the guest is trying to maintain the beat. “I would like to thank you for the efforts, despite the challenging times, you take in the interests of the Russian-Hungarian friendship,’ he replied Putin, with your back straight. And thank you for the opportunity to evaluate and to compare notes on our bilateral relations. I think we can safely say that all the good that was in the relationship – this is why we have tried. We are interested in relations between Russia and Europe has normalized”.

All the while, grey-headed gentleman not remember knocking his fingers on his knees lying on the tablet. It seemed that he didn’t trust the operators, who recorded the dialogue on the video, and personally sought to record the important points.

The background for the negotiations was quite favorable, but this did not mean complete harmony of the parties. If in the political sphere, Moscow and Budapest in General quite understand each other, in the economy remain issues is the fate of the nuclear power plant “Paksh”, built by Soviet specialists, and the “Nord stream – 2”. Paks parties had agreed many years ago to Supplement the two units, and Russia even contributed to it a loan, but the case has stalled, Brussels froze the project, checking it for compliance with the EU rules and Russian loan remained undisbursed.

The thread is a double standard

As Ukraine makes Russian gas evropeiskaia thread “Northern stream” also turned to Hungary to question. Budapest was favorable “South stream”, he expected him to capitalise and even to earn on transit. The second “Northern” would mean that the transit Budapest does not earn anything, and in the future will inevitably decrease the flow of gas through Ukraine, which Hungary remains independent.

Later, after the talks and speeches of the two leaders, Peter Siarto stated to the correspondent of the newspaper VIEW that in Budapest there is not yet a clear opinion regarding the second of the “Nord stream”, but the position of Brussels on that occasion, he firmly called an example of double standards. “I approach this issue from the European point of view. But the EU is very strongly pressured countries that participated in the creation of the “South stream”, but it is not audible criticism of countries that now participate in the creation of the “Nord stream – 2”, – said the Minister.

“Of course, we understand if the new Nord stream will be built, we have to consider what role it will play in energy supplies, the energy security of Hungary. Once we thoroughly learn the details of the project “Northern stream – 2″, then we will decide what position to take on this issue,” said Peter Siarto.

Youth against experience


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