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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Elena Zaslavskaya: With Ukraine still we are United by a common past”

“The shell that covered our Republic, over which was written “it is inhabited only by terrorists, bandits and cattle”, was still broken. Thanks to me,” – said the newspaper VIEW, Luhansk poetess Elena Zaslavskaya. The first of the representatives of the breakaway republics, it openly came to Ukraine and spoke at debates with their opponents.

Ukrainian press continues to rapidly discuss the scandal that happened at the weekend on the so-called European debate in Kharkov. As noted in a portal environment the “Main thing”, they are from Lugansk “was an invited writer Elena Zaslavskaya, who in his poetry glorifies the so-called Novorossiya and heroisim actions of one of leaders of DNR.

“Amid the General atmosphere of hatred still there are people who understand that if they came man, albeit with the opposite opinion, but unarmed, we should at least listen to him”

One of the main topics of this meeting of intellectuals was finding ways to dialogue in the Donbass, and hence to reconciliation. As said edition of the “Corridor”, the debate showed that dialogue is not only unlikely – “at the moment we simply do not see in it necessity”. After the debate several dozen “brave patriots “of the Right sector*” we still have to wait for a Zaslavskaya in the hallway, noted the publication. From possible reprisals poet was saved only by the organizers. “On “Facebook” the artist Sergey Zakharov, who also participated in debates, wrote: “the Best of discrediting the idea of lugandoniya there, than of her mouth, it is difficult to imagine.” Best discredit our adequacy than 20 angry men, waiting for one woman in the hallway, even harder to imagine,” writes a “Corridor”.

About whether she regretted what happened to open debate with ideological opponents, the employee of Lugansk hoakalei of culture and arts, the poetess Elena Zaslavskaya said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW.

The LOOK: Elena, judging by the videos, the atmosphere at the debate was heavy and hostile. But apart from these episodes that were on the video, did you have other conversations in Kharkiv, during which you still have trust?

Elena Zaslavskaya: Certainly, on a personal level I felt support. Amid the General atmosphere of hatred still there are people who understand that if they came man, albeit with the opposite opinion, but unarmed, we should at least listen to him. This is and saved.

The debate went for two days. On the first day, invited participants, journalists and speakers who spoke about volunteering, about captivity. And on the second day could reach anyone. There were five speakers – four from Germany, two from Ukraine, and I just sat as a spectator in the hall, in the second row, next to the organizer of the debate.

Behind me I saw two people in military uniforms with chevrons of the “Right sector”. Of course, I felt uncomfortable. I think they already knew my face, because before the trip “good people” has brought me to the database “Peacemaker” indicating that my work threatens the national security of Ukraine.

They closely watched me, I looked. Didn’t know what to expect from them. When the debate ended, the crowd started singing singing the anthem and shouted “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Glory to the nation! Death vorogam!” and began to disperse.

At this point, approached the organizers and asked me not to hurry to leave. I thought, well, I guess, want us to leave all together. And then, when the hall was empty, I saw the corridor blocked by a group that shouted my name. I ask, “shall I go? My name is”. “No, better not to do it!”. After that, the organizers, as well as Kharkiv, including former residents of Luhansk, became something loudly to agree with this crowd. Men surrounded me to protect, and so we all moved toward the door, began to squeeze. On the way in the crowd I tried to shout something. By the way, there were not all hostile. Someone even asked for an autograph. I stopped, tried to start some dialogue. So surrounded by men I got to the car. Took me by car to the German Consul.

OPINION: Those who have been set aggressively tried to reach out to you?

E. Z.: there were insults. I always thought that attack unarmed, hit a woman… this is not normal, not accepted. In my environment there are no people living by such principles. So I don’t even know that could happen. Even trying not to think about it.


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