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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Biologists first got healthy offspring from artificial sperm”

A group of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and some universities of China have successfully developed in vitro live sperm cells of mice created from stem cells. Moreover, the experts were able to fertilize artificial sperm female mice, which later gave birth to healthy offspring.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Theoretically, stem cells can become any cell in the body of the creature to which they belong. However, the ability to artificially steer this process in the desired direction has long remained one of the most difficult and the most coveted objectives for many scientists. Including for many years with varying degrees of success conducting research on the cultivation in vitro of sperm. Statement by Chinese specialists, he was the first in the world have achieved tangible success in this business, reports discovermagazine.com.

Earlier, another group of scientists have been able to do something like that, but then the experiment was not fully successful — the cubs born as a result of fertilization of females artificially created sperm, there was deviation in the development of, besides they leave a progeny could not. However, in the new study, none of these problems are not there — researchers claim that the offspring mice were born healthy and fertile.

Artificial sperm are still different from those that appear in a natural way, recognize scientists. They lack the characteristic “tail” and they are less mobile, so for fertilization they need to be injected directly into the egg.

In the future, the researchers plan to figure out whether they have developed an effective method when working with other animals, including primates. In the future, they hope their work will allow a better understanding and to deal more effectively with problems such as male infertility.

The scientists published their study in the journal Cell Stem Cell.


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