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Friday, March 16, 2018

“The U.S. has come to intimidate businesses that wish to cooperate with Russia”

Washington’s attempt to intimidate banks that wish to host debt obligations of Russia, goes against the doctrine of the liberals, implanted with an eye on U.S. business out of politics. However, Russian officials are confident that American blackmail the Russian plans were not in danger. Commented on the situation in the Russian foreign Ministry.

The sixteenth year in a row, that is, from the beginning of construction of capitalism in Russia, liberals teach us that policy in any case should not be linked to the economy. And the best thing to make power is to privatize everything in the country, because there is no more inefficient the owner than the government.

“If reports of the recommendations of the U.S. government to banks not to engage in transactions involving Russian bonds, however, the intimidation of businesses, said the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation

They teach us that the business, starting with the smallest and ending with transnational corporations should be given maximum freedom of action. That taxes should be low because high inhibit economic development. The officials are trying to affect the business immediately but do not drive to work and was blacklisted. The Central Bank should be independent, and the savings Bank is an ordinary commercial Bank. And if we are going to live, proceeding from these orientations, we are waiting and success is unimaginable, and the standard of living exorbitant. If not immediately, then very soon.

The world’s largest economies, as we know, are the USA and China, and the highest standard of living in Scandinavian countries. In the case of China to speak about the withdrawal of the state from the economy is ridiculous. About “Swedish socialism”, implying strict state control over the economy and high taxes, is also heard. So the concept of “free market” as a panacea on the move causes grounded doubts.

For the US to talk about the withdrawal of the state from economic life of the country is also impossible. A quarter of the lands are in Federal ownership (except lands belonging to the States). In state and local government employs more than 15% of the working population is higher than in industry and construction combined. Finally, the American state believes it is a normal political business impact, not just on American.

According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. officials warned the country’s commercial banks from participating in the placement of Russian sovereign bonds. “Apparently, this is the first step of this kind (on the part of U.S. authorities) since then, as the restrictive measures (against Russia) is in force”, and now “the bankers on wall Street are trying to determine whether the opportunity for new trades to the political difficulties associated with ignoring the warnings of the administration”, the newspaper notes.

That is, we are not talking about direct prohibition – such a right, the state is not. But to make it clear that the purchase of Russian bonds “would run counter to the course of American foreign policy” – this is normal. This market economy and business freedom.

“It is important that private companies – in the US, the EU and worldwide is understood that Russia remains a high-risk market, and its attempts to destabilize Ukraine continue,” says the official comments of the state Department for The Wall Street Journal. Also the U.S. state Department warns of “reputational” risks to those who will carry on the business in Russia as usual.

The phrase “double standards” in relation to the office of John Kerry was used so many times that much to reinstall and even lost its original negative meaning. For the Department of state is the norm. On the one hand, constantly to hold direct talks with their Russian counterparts. To talk about “Russia’s isolation”. On the one hand to promote the thesis that business out of politics. On the other hand to blackmail private entrepreneurs and giving unasked advice to the business around the world.


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