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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Senator Marco Rubio recalled “gay past””

A drowning man grasping at straws. Drowning the Republican party grabs on to the Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Strait a tear over the early urn of your pet Jeb Bush, the establishment is the “Grand old party” clung to Rubio as the only hope for capturing the White house. Even externally, the representative of the party of the Elephant is rather like a Pug. He has never managed to win already held primaries and Caucuses. The struggle with the victorious Donald trump and the champion of hypocrisy, Ted Cruz is delayed.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Marco Rubio

Rubio still believes no votes, and the money and votes “great uncle”. He’s already scored three influential senators Bob Dole (former), Orrin Hatch and Hazi Hutchison. But all of them, of course, outweighs Jeb Bush. In the past he was a mentor to Rubio, son of Cuban immigrants. Then they ran into each other in the presidential primaries and began to pour each other out of the slurry barrels. Bush, in spite of millions of establishment and its 90-year-old mother, plus the brother of ex-President, has blown through and dropped out of the race.

Rubio immediately got on the phone with his former mentor and rival. He yet gave him helping hands (not fraternal), but Rubio continues to achieve. As stated by prigotovili Marco, “Jeb is now at the stage of decompressing after the election and tries again to walk the rest of your life. But we will soon meet again.”

To questions about their media with a Jab clashes Marco said, “it Happens, it happens, and added. — But that doesn’t change my feelings towards him and him to me.” What’s right is right. The only thing is what kind of feelings?

Feelings that nourish each other senators Cruz and Rubio, well known. The first of the great hypocrite, the second is also. The other day Cruz, who is also aiming at the White house, ran the communications Director of his company for the fact that he falsely accused Rubio to mock the Bible. But then he added: “Even if it were true, because we are campaigning not for the faith of another candidate.”

Oh? And who had called trump “an infidel”? Who called Rubio a “non-Christian”? And its demand that every United States President started my day with a prayer on your knees?..

But back to Marco, no Polo, and Rubio. About Marco’s ingenuity is demonstrated by the fact that he is in debates and speeches uses them biting a few memorized phrases (sound bite). The new Jersey Governor Chris Christie called it a “life achievement Rubio”. It Rubio said the Governor biting phrase, repeated four times, without noticing.

Using this, the Democrats-operatives began to besiege the headquarters of Rubio. dressed robots, they wore cardboard boxes on their heads, on which was written: “Rubio. Three thousand sound bite”.

Where the horse’s hoof, there and a cancer with a claw. The yellow press also attacked the poor Rubio, but as they say, from their positions. The magazine “national inquirer” is the cruiser of such publications, has published photos of Rubio, wallowing in a pool during the “foam party” of gays in Miami.

The magazine writes that Rubio was 18 years old when he was first detained by police in Miami in one of the gay places “turntables”. But in 44 years of being a Senator, Rubio in “indecent shorts” were at the center of “foam parties”. Other photos of Rubio — or his DoppelgangeR — dancing without clothes. “People from the gay community told me that it was an open secret — Rubio frequented gay clubs,” says political blogger Wayne Madsen.

“Foam” is so overwhelmed Rubio, a father of four children, began to threaten his family life, And especially the fight for the White house.

In his youth, Marco had the dubious pleasure to meet you and with Themis. In official records, obtained by the “Inquierer”, States that, were arrested as “young people” in Miami, famous for its crime Park name Alice Venerit 23 may 1990. Major police Delrish moss explains: “it Was very dark, and there were a lot of trees. People there indulged in drugs, drinking, sex”.

One of the guys, along with former Rubio, ángel Barrios was after this incident arrested again “to porn sensational crime.” Well, Brands decided not to punish.

Rubio aide, Todd Harris, trying to bury the story, told the journal that “the guys just drank beer and were caught at an inopportune time.” But, according to the description of the Association of local homeowners, “this Park was a Paradise for gangsters, drug addicts and prostitution — a common and gays”.

The tabloid press has great influence in the USA, she Has a huge circulation, and it is sold in grocery stores. Spiritual food, so to speak.

That’s what a straw clutching of the Republican establishment America sinking under the weight of still undefeated Donald trump!

Melor STURUA, Minneapolis


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