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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Lukashenko laugh Putin, calling him “Dmitry Medvedev””

On the Supreme Council of the Union state political leadership of the country went almost entirely, forcing journalists to ponder: who rules Russia, while Putin, Medvedev, Matviyenko are in Minsk, and Naryshkin in Vienna? Other surprises annual meeting longstanding allies did not bring. Well, except that father emotion confused Vladimir Putin with Dmitry Medvedev.

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin and unexpectedly joined him, Dmitry Medvedev (Prime Minister usually does not go to the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Union state, but the forthcoming elections require PR tandem) was not the only welcome guests of Minsk.

24 February in the capital of Belarus has arrived representative delegation of the European Union. And though Alexander Lukashenko Europeans defiantly was not received, and the visit of the Russian delegation was accompanied by traditional honors, the intrigue was sewn with white thread. Caught in a difficult situation (in the coming months Belarus need to repay foreign borrowings worth $ 3 billion), the father again took to play on contradictions between Russia and the West, demonstrating to the Kremlin that willing to support and lend to a sovereign state are a dime a dozen. If not the IMF, the European investment Bank (EIB), the Vice-President of which is lászló Baranyay eve has managed to hold talks with representatives of the national Bank, will definitely fork out. And in this situation, the bargaining, you know, more than appropriate…

Belarusian Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov has confirmed to journalists that the question of the Russian loan is on the agenda. “Everything will be discussed, including this,” he muttered, not going into details.

photo: kremlin.ru

Putin ahead of the official program for a few minutes arguing with Lukashenka, the negotiation of both left happy: the father gesticulating animatedly, the Russian President chuckled to him. Then Lukashenko say that it was about the recipes… Really, it is not clear – to rescue the economy or suffer from lack of heat and sun of the body.

The appearance in Minsk, two Russian leaders still knocked the old man out of the rut. Sitting for Protocol shooting across from Putin, he is well put voice began to welcome Medvedev … “Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich!”

– Nothing, nothing – GDP laughing in a voice that is Right, the money is still there, ‘ he said, pointing to standing on the sidelines Lady.

Lukashenko promised to “non-public” to tell visitors about the reasons for their missteps. (By the way, on the Kremlin website its cue prudently corrected, before adding “Dmitry Medvedev” “Putin”). But camera announced, or comes usually one or the other. Now there is both – such a joy, not a sin and confused. “Mr Putin, promised to inform on international issues. After all, we need to be aware of!” – said the father.

photo: kremlin.ru

Members of the Russian delegation did not hide that the main talks will be held in a narrow format and in a closed mode. And the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Union state is a pure formality.

All problems have been settled in advance commissions and parliamentarians of the two countries. And issues that make the presidential level, in fact, not so much. The Union state budget (4.8 billion rubles) does not exceed the cost of reconstruction is not the largest of the Moscow junction. However, even these funds are fully spent could not even once.

5 with regard to Belarusian-Russian integration projects developed in 2011-2014, currently their implementation is frozen. To move forward we need political will from both sides, and, apparently, no. As we have no desire to stop Belarus imports of sanctioned products and to impose symmetric restrictions on the movement on its territory of Ukrainian goods.

In 2016, the money of the Union state is planned to spend 7 programs, in particular, on innovative cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke and transgenic goats. In addition, approximately 26 regular events and two new conferences – on nuclear security and social development, as well as on the repair of the Brest fortress. In General, even for quasi-patterns are not densely.

However, Vladimir Putin stressed that the Union state continues to thrive, setting an example in the former Soviet space.

“For the last 20 years nothing is lost, on the contrary, our project becomes the driver for the development of integration processes,” the President said, obviously alluding to the Eurasian economic Union, which Belarus and Russia joined Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

In the current situation, the priorities of the Union state change – to the fore issues of foreign policy and defence. “We have developed a clear plan of action of our regional grouping of troops of Russia and Belarus. They meet modern standards”, – assured Lukashenko.

According to the father, the persisting military-political crises and the widespread use of sanctions as an instrument of political pressure, force the allies to “keep your powder dry”.

In the future, Moscow and Minsk will develop a new military doctrine of the Union state – it should be based on relevant documents of the two countries and to include measures to counter “hybrid warfare”.

Watch the video on “Lukashenko has made Putin jokes, confusing him with Medvedev”

During the meeting of the Supreme state Council of the Union state in Minsk Alexander Lukashenko, welcoming the guests accidentally called Vladimir Putin Dmitry Medvedev. Details – in our material. Video published on the website youtube.com user Great Russia.


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