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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“Astronomers have found a mysterious source “from the aliens””

In 2007, scientists found that from time to time on the Earth from space are the radio pulses, lasting no more than a few milliseconds. For a long time astronomers could only guess about the origin of the flashes, which are sometimes called “aliens”. However, the new study could explain what is their source and how far the source is from Earth.

photo: morguefile.com

In all likelihood, the signals do not represent an attempt of alien civilizations (although initially seriously considered and this version). Experts suggest that the reason for the appearance of radio is the collision of neutron stars in the galaxy located at a distance of six billion light years from Earth.

There are currently 16 registered radio pulses. The fact that now scientists know the distance to their source, it may be a new step towards understanding the evolution of the Universe, I hope the authors of a study published in the journal Nature.

All outbreaks, except one, were fixed on the Earth before scientists have paid close attention to them, and data on these phenomena were obtained from the archives of data collected by astronomers before. However, in April 2015 located in Australia, the Parkes telescope have caught a new signal, one of the shortest among known. However, the capabilities of this telescope was not enough to determine the source of the signal. To solve the study’s lead author Evan Keane from the Australian University of Technology Swinburne examined data obtained by several space observatories. As it turned out, one of them was recorded “residual” glow of the radar pulse, which helped to clarify information about its source.

The source of the impulse, according to the astronomers turned out to be an elliptical galaxy is quite old, to the appearance of new stars in it was rare. The outbreak, caused by the collision of neutron stars, was supposed to be so powerful that it could “overshadow” the whole galaxy.


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