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Friday, February 16, 2018

“Yatsenyuk ordered to protect Russian trucks Ukrainian police”

On Wednesday Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced the resumption of transit of Russian trucks through Ukrainian territory and to ensure its safety from 0.00 hours on February 25. At the same time, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis said that no matter what, will continue their “bear blockade”.

photo: AP

While the Ukrainian government thought how to negotiate with Moscow the resumption of shipments to third countries, one of the organizers of the so-called “bear block”, Taras Deyak, said that whatever decision was made, “volunteers” will continue to interfere with the transit of Russian trucks in Europe. Also, he and his colleagues are going to hinder the development of Russian business in the Ukrainian land. “We believe that a peaceful, but long-term the stock may eventually ban all Russian business in Ukraine… If the government opens the road, we still got to block them,” said the activist.

Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky already tried to fuse neo-Nazi cool. “Began to talk about the money that will lose the country and carriers. Was quoted a figure, which is a Russian carrier 100 of our. And that many will lose profits,” — says Deak. But these arguments made no impression activist.

Note that over the weekend the Ukrainian radicals have already moved from words to deeds, in particular, defeated several branches of Russian banks in the Western regions. In addition, they developed a map of the restaurants and shops of Lviv, which plays Russian music, putting black marks next to them. According to the creators of the “black card”, Russian culture is destroying the identity of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet promises to facilitate the passage of Russian trucks with the help of the police.

“MK” has found out from experts whether the Ukrainian neo-Nazis to prevent the decision of the Cabinet of Minister.

Mikhail POGREBINSKY, Director of Kiev center of political researches and conflictology:

— On the one hand, we have a Ukrainian drivers of the trucks which, after the Russian ban on the transit began to lose my job. With the other unemployed, but armed men who are looking for an opportunity to apply their strength. Don’t want to spread rumors, but one can assume that their activity likely has been paid. But if this continues, then Ukraine will get the reputation of a country that is unable to meet its obligations. The government’s decision to resume the transit — first is a good sign for the last time, which means that the Cabinet is aware of the stupidity of their previous actions. Now the cops just to scare away all the activists, because we are talking about handful of people, and not a mass movement.

Denis DENISOV, Director of the Ukrainian branch of the CIS Institute:

— Counting billions of dollars in losses from the prohibition on transit, the Ukrainian authorities decided to restore it. But there are too many radical groups who seek to halt all relations with Russia. Kiev is afraid to use force on them, so the media will simply cease to write about them. It may take several months or years, and all these people will decide to break up because of them no one remembers. But until then, they will attempt to interfere with Russian trucks to travel to Ukraine.


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