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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Two years, “Russian spring”: the political results”

In mid-February starts the season of flowering almonds. According to the political climate and the first Russian spring has come in this city-the hero of the Sevastopol, which has perhaps the most experience of European integration in and around the city there are German, French, English and even Italian cemetery, where lie the integration of the XIX century.

photo: Alexander Astafiev

Rebounding from Sevastopol heroic earth, Russian spring went on to the Crimea, Donbass and later in the new Russia. But drowned in Kharkov and was brutally fire and blood stopped at the Odessa house of trade unions. The path from Nakhimov square in Sevastopol to the burnt house of trade unions in Odessa took only 9 weeks. But to take this path, it took 23 years of humiliation, deprivation and anger.

Two years ago the “Russian world” has transformed, ceasing to be marginal flawed he stepped into the light, shrugged, becoming the main agenda of Russia and the surrounding area. No wonder even the British BBC television paints a fantastic picture capture “polite people” Latgale – the South-Eastern region of the EU and NATO Latvia. The slogan of the banned Russian national Bolsheviks of the law “Sevastopol – Russian city” has translated into political reality (is there really another – “Our MiGs will get in Riga”). But what’s next? As spring, summer, and the return of the Crimea it was supposed to be an urgent recovery. There was an urgent need to demonstrate a history of success – and if on Donbass it was hard to accomplish due to objective reasons (all the same frontal area), but in Crimea it is possible? Since Ukraine for all years of management Peninsula not invested any capital hryvnia in the reconstruction of infrastructure. Everything from roads and electricity, to water and housing, originating from the Soviet Union lived out their last years. But as it usually happens, after the triumphal return of political and economic changes forced himself to wait. If you don’t count the Crimean construction – the bridge between Kerch to the Kuban, which threatens to be completed by 2017-mu (if you have time), all other visible changes one way or another were connected with the ongoing blockades of Ukrainian by – product, water, electric. In the price of food, which it now became necessary to import directly from Russia, naturally increased to the national average. Relatively painlessly survived a water embargo, energy black-out was for the Crimean authorities serious challenge with which they deal to this day. But if in Sevastopol blackouts have almost stopped, in Crimea there are still.

But to make a success story in practice, it should be born in minds. It’s not necessary seriously and continue to rely on the famous saying of Crimeans period Russian spring that after returning to Russia “though the stones from the sky”! And let’s be honest – some Crimean leaders still continue to celebrate the “return home”. Against this background, especially late look political disputes, which increasingly began to use “people’s mayor” of Sevastopol of Russian spring period Alexey Chaly. First, having written a resignation from a post of the head of the city Parliament, but, never having met her, then called for the Governor and organized a vote for no confidence in the government of Sevastopol in the legislative Assembly. Having started operation “on You go” against the current Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo, Chaly, thus, took undisguised pleasure and the Kiev, the Ukrainian political institutions, which, owing to their professional duties need to work on discredit of the Russian authorities on the Peninsula. Attempts to play the Ukrainian monochrome rules in Russian political life usually end negatively for those who don’t understand this. And it would be unfortunate if another hero Russian spring after Igor Strelkov will exchange their historical role in political cronometristi unrecognized Messiah.

What could be the success story for the Crimea and Sevastopol today? Evident as well the specific project reconstructed roads and communications – a clear example of the commands aksonova & Menyailo. And if the communications (thanks Ukraine), everything goes at a great pace, the situation with roads is displayed as usual. The responsibility for this, of course, can be distributed between the Federal center and the implementers on the ground. But the key, in my opinion, are rooted in the Ukrainian tradition – “ruins in minds”. What do you want from people who have grown up in the political culture (or rather total lack of a culture of responsibility) endless masquerade Ukrainian, where words never matched the deeds? And if the team consists mainly of new people and even the Vikings, then at the average level in Crimea continue to operate the former members of Party of regions fugitive Ukrainian President. Even if we assume an exceptional degree of personal responsibility, above still need to be trained political culture in the making. Masquerade erase Ukrainian culture of the Crimean life still remains an important political task for Russia. It is not enough to return the Crimea, you need to have and to hold.

Obviously, as long while in the minds of the Crimean Ukrainian elite permissiveness will not be forever replaced by the Russian policy of severe liability, any direct election of regional leaders will invariably turn into a competition money bags or a toy of politicians at the Kiev patterns. In order to overcome the negative experience of the Ukrainian illusory democracy maidencraig, behind which is hidden the power of the oligarchs, you need to reboot the brains of the remaining times with Ukrainian managers. It can take up to five years. Otherwise any election will invariably turn into farce, which has no relation to the real business. And then, still seen on mailboxes Crimean Ukrainian trizuby will appear in the minds of the Crimean elite.


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