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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Trump wins in Nevada: its victorious March continues”

According to reports the Agency associated press, Donald trump has been declared the winner in the Caucuses the state of Nevada on Tuesday night. So the third victory in a row in the States where elections are held earlier than in other parts of the country. The win in Nevada reinforced the position of the trump in the Republican presidential race. Now a lot depends on how the elections will be held on March 1, known as super Tuesday.

photo: AP

Donald Trump

Trump was considered the favorite before the Caucuses in Nevada. His victory has hit the contenders — senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida. Will they be able to interrupt the winning streak of trump, when primaries will be held in the States with lots of delegates.

As shown by the first results of the Caucuses, trump had the edge in about 20% over its closest rivals: Rubio and Cruz. Reported that the turnout at the Caucuses in Nevada was pretty strong, at least more than in previous Caucus meetings.

Trump for his victory in Nevada shows that his success with the voters has some kind of permanent soil. He received the votes of independent voters in new Hampshire. Got it and the voices of Evangelical Christians in South Carolina and finally won a victory in Nevada, where voters are Mormons, and rural activists are powerful entities.

In his victory speech trump said that he will consolidate his influence in the Republican party. And this will contribute to the care of the race his rivals in the elections. He stated that he would fight desperately with their rivals in their own States. Judging by the optimism of trump, he can quite easily get the nomination at the Republican national Convention. “Just have an amazing two months, said trump. — We even might not need 2 months, if to speak of honor.”

The last trump of triumph in Nevada could further deepen the style of the campaign, which takes him to many Republican officials and some voters, so to speak, of the average flow. In two days of fighting in Nevada trump called Cruz a liar and promised to cause major damage to the Rubio campaign.

At the rally in Las Vegas on Monday evening trump ridiculed one protetyka in his audience, who said that he would “give the face” to Trump.

But this did not happen. Trump advocates in Nevada celebrated his win all night on Tuesday. The crowd gathered at the casino “treasure Island” in Las Vegas, cheered by shouts, when the broadcaster C n EN have designed trump’s as the winner. People began to chant his name. Every mention of Senator Crusoe caused a negative reaction in the audience, his name was trying to sushicat. “So we see resistance in the USA, which had never existed before,” says Neville Kramer, a supporter of trump Las Vegas.

Winning results trump called the Republican leaders ‘ natural desire for direct confrontation with trump in order to block his nomination for President. The fact is that very influential and powerful electoral blocs oppose it.

After winning the trump in Nevada it is quite possible that there will be pressure on his opponents to unite against the common enemy, i.e. again trump.

Cruz and Rubio, representing different wings and the philosophy of republicanism, attacked each other quite sharp and unfriendly in the last days.

Each of them wanted to demonstrate that he is the strongest rival trump. So, Senator Cruz clearly has beefed up its hawkish in the field of migration policy, so as to match with trump. Speaking to his constituents, Senator Cruz stated that he recognizes the super Tuesday on March 1, a very important stage of the presidential race. He called on March 1, the “most important night” of the presidential battle. Then Cruz said somewhat convoluted sentence: “the Only campaign that can beat Donald trump is my campaign.”

On the other hand, Senator Rubio is trying to unite the Republican leaders under his banner. About declared himself the only candidate who can beat trump and difficult to win presidential elections. Jeb Bush, who with tears in his eyes, out of the race, spoke in support of Senator Rubio. Rubio was once his disciple. Defeat Jeb Bush forced him to become under the banner of his student.

A number of senators and members of Congress, and several governors announced their support for Rubio. Thus, they confirmed that the national party establishment Republicans to oppose trump. Rubio criticized Cruz in more personal terms, calling him a dishonest politician who lies to the voters.

Despite great efforts, Senator Rubio could not win in Nevada and remained in second place. However, his supporters hope that future primaries will help Rubio to win over trump.

The whole direction of the election campaign among Republican candidates apparently boils down to the fact that competition, the Republicans will narrow to the confrontation between trump and Rubio. Supporters said Rubio: “Look at what America wants”.

As for other candidates: Governor John Kasica from Ohio and Ben Carson, famous neurosurgeon, they also participated in the Nevada Caucuses. But their results show that they win not shining.

The participation of these two candidates apparently has only one reason: “suck” voters from Rubio and Cruz. Carson takes the religious Republicans, and Causin voters-centrists.

So, can we expect “super Tuesday” on March 1. Will the Republican establishment to stop the March of Donald trump?


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