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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“The Russian foreign Ministry intends to seek the release of Russian prisoner at Guantanamo Bay”

U.S. President Barack Obama announced his intention to close the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison located in Cuba. Its plan, announced on the background of rehabilitation of diplomatic relations between the Island of freedom and America, is already under consideration by Congress. The idea of the American leader, which he opened 7 years ago in the presidential election, met a negative reaction of the Republican part of the legislature of the U.S., which has accused Obama of violating the laws.

photo: morguefile.com

“The plan that we put forward today, is not only to close the facility at Guantanamo – CNN quoted the words of the master in the Oval office. He focuses not only on the particular group of prisoners, which constitute a significant part of the problem in light of how they were arrested and what happened to them. The idea is to turn the Chapter of our history… the Preservation of this object is contrary to our values and undermines our position in the world.

As specified, the prisoners of the penitentiary institution, which became known thanks to severe torture, according to one authorized by the U.S. government, will be redirected to prisons abroad, and particularly dangerous prisoners, such as, for example, the organizers of the September 11 attacks, will be sent to American institutions. Where they will be kept in America – it is not specified, however it is known that, under the legislation, any transfer of prisoners from foreign prisons the US on American soil is prohibited. So far, according to CNN, it’s about 13 places in the US for the detention of the accused.

U.S. lawmakers from the Republicans met Obama’s initiative rather cold. “It is a violation of the law, said speaker Paul Ryan. Is and will remain a violation of law to transfer the detained terrorists onto American soil”. John McCain also criticized the President’s idea, calling it unconvincing, and pointed to the difficulties that may arise with the further detention of prisoners in the United States. However, the initiative does have its advantages: according to unofficial data, Obama’s plan for closing guantánamo would allow the U.S. government to save between $65 million to $85 million a year.

“Obama understands that he has not much longer to be President – said “MK” authorized foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov. Of course, Guantanamo is a grease spot on the body of American democracy. It is admitted by all, even the Obama administration. However, Washington leaders are most concerned about the fact that it’s expensive, but the biggest price we have to pay, is the reputational costs. It was one of the key promises of Obama. It isn’t executed. This suggests that the administration is unable to solve such problems and to fulfil its own promises. The situation with Guantanamo Bay has become another bargaining chip in the worsening domestic politics, because the presidential race in the U.S. is entering a decisive phase, and this issue will be exploited. In my opinion, the administration is unlikely to do so in the remaining months. They have long been trying to throw Guantanamo prisoners in various countries, and this is done without due regard for human rights.”

“There sits a Russian citizen Ravil Mingazov (arrested in Pakistan in 2002 – “MK”), – reminded the diplomat. – Now it will be 14 years, as he is there. This, of course, very much worries us, because his fate is not determined. The Americans did not keep their promises – either to release him or to press formal charges against him. We are constantly talking about it, and remind Washington we will do… We will continue to clarify the fate of our citizen, to encourage the Americans to still, as they’re not pressing charges and will not be able to articulate in relation to Mingazova, he was released. This is a serious violation of the rights of our citizen, because no fair justice ensured he was 14 years old.”


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