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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“The Minister blurted out: inhabitants of the Central Russia will send to live on the far East”

Already in the may holidays in Russia may start mass migration of peoples to the vast expanses of the Far East. The Deputy Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Yuri Trutnev announced that all interested citizens who have received far Eastern tasty hectares of land, “will be provided getpreference”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

While information on government support rather stingy. It is known that one hectare per person in any place the Far East (except for land defense, security and state needs) for the construction of houses, doing the farm or your own business. This land cannot be sold or donated to citizens of foreign powers. In the first five years of managing the site is located on the rights to free use, at this time the settlers are exempt from paying land tax. If in the first five years a citizen would show business activity and show that your blood ha uses for its intended purpose, it will allocate land to private ownership.

Apparently, the state hopes that the landless citizens suffering from distress in the Central regions of Russia, in a mass order will change the place of residence and settle unpopulated areas of the Far East: Primorye and Khabarovsk territory, Amur region, However, with this quite stingy nowadays motivation (General Declaration on getpreference.) it is difficult to hope that millions of our fellow citizens, though in great need, will leave their homes and headlong will go to seek his fortune in the unknown.

At the time (from 1906 по1917 G. G.) mass migration of peasants was observed in tsarist Russia, during the agrarian reform of Peter Stolypin . Look at the experience. Beyond the Urals in this period, moved nearly 3 million peasants from the Central regions of the Empire. In Siberia the population increased by 153 percent in the short term the development of animal husbandry there exceeded those in Russia, and the amount of arable land increased by 80 %.

As you can see, the effect of the reforms is evident. Although we must admit that the Royal Cabinet reacted to the program very carefully.

The land beyond the Urals and in Siberia were given for free ( in other regions they are bathed under a soft loan from the Fund of landed estates), road to virgin fallow lands was carried out at public expense. Moreover, the industry could even develop special the Stolypin car where transported not only household goods of the immigrant, but also his Pets. Many because traveling to new places with their cows and horses.

The current air and rail fares, the government is unlikely to take on such a burden. How long said and written that the flight to Khabarovsk is more expensive than to new York. But who and now there.

However, to Khabarovsk there are “Windows”, when the carrier sells tickets at a discount. And here in Blagoveshchensk (capital of Amur oblast) state preferences such as there was, and no. To directly get to Moscow, local residents are forced to fly via. First, to Khabarovsk, and then (after waiting for a “window” with preferential discount) to Moscow.

Coincidentally, this spring should be an agreement with China on the transfer to our partners in long-term rent 115 thousand hectares in TRANS-Baikal territory.

Two global programmes on fallow lands will start almost simultaneously and very close. Let’s see who implements it better.

Review doctor of geographical Sciences, Moscow state University Professor Natalia ZUBAREVICH:

– I in this program do not believe. Who from Russians will go beyond three-nine lands to develop territory, where problems are much more than in Central Russia? Today there’s a lot of vacant brownfield land, why not take up their use?

– And the appearance of the Chinese in the TRANS-Baikal territory how will it affect development?

– This is still an agreement of intent, it is far from reality. It seems to me, as a pilot project it could have held. However, the Chinese exhibit strict conditions: work for yourself and with your own hands. But local budgets were financed by taxes.


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