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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Scientists have found the world’s oldest dress”

Radiocarbon analysis has revealed that the Egyptian dress Tarkhan, discovered by archaeologists in the last century, represents the oldest dress known to date. Its age can reach 5.5 thousand years.

The dress was found by archeologists a long time, but initially did not cause undue concern. Only in 1977, finding interested experts from the University College of London, saw the dress among a heap of rags in the Museum of Egyptian archaeology Petrie, reports the Independent.

Experts have conducted radiocarbon Dating, which showed that the age of the dress is 5 100 — 5 500 years. It refers to the period dress dates to the time of the First Dynasty, when was first unified Upper and Lower Egypt. More ancient garments such as this, scientists have not yet found. Experts surprised by the fact that the fabric remained in good condition till our days.

Ancient Egyptian dress was pale gray and neck had, he had pleated sleeves. Scientists suggest that five millennia ago the garment had been high-end fashion, and, most likely, was cut a great master of the order of a rich woman.

The scientists published the results of their study in the journal Antiquity.


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