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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Russian scientists have successfully tested a cure for old age in animals”

A drug that can stop the aging process, developed by scientists of Altai state University. A tool that in the media already being called “a cure for old age” and the “elixir of youth”, successfully tested on earthworm.

photo: morguefile.com

Now the drug tested on laboratory mice, and scientists assert that they have obtained very interesting results.

Drug made from stem cells using biotechnology, provokes the body to produce new cells. A positive impact the tool can have on the body as a whole and for individual organs. In particular, experts have demonstrated that under laboratory conditions the effects of the drug triggered the growth of a fragment of the liver, passes katun24.ru.

On the basis of developing drugs, possibly in the future will be created by some other means — in particular, drugs that will promote healing of scratches, and possibly the restoration of organs. Experts hope that their development will help to fight, including with cirrhosis of the liver and gastric ulcer.

If the test of the drug on laboratory mice also successful, in a few years it is planned to start testing on volunteers.

The development of the “elixir of youth” are engaged not only in Russia. For example, at the end of last year a group of scientists from the United States of America also said it plans in the foreseeable future to proceed with the testing of such tools. The American version of anti-aging medicine is planned to create on the basis of a drug called Metformin, currently used in the treatment of diabetes.

However, in Russia the development of the ASU is not unique. In 2014, biologists from Moscow state University announced the creation of tablets with a new type antioxidant, which hypothetically is able to extend human life to 120 years. The drug, according to researchers in Moscow, will affect the mitochondria.


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