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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Russian scientists have invented how to safely blow up threatens Earth asteroid”

A group of astronomers, representing Tomsk state University and other Russian scientific centers, described a new way to destroy potentially hazardous to Earth of the heavenly bodies. To do this, scientists propose to use a nuclear explosion. Experts say that the modeling of such explosions confirmed the effectiveness of the developed by them method.

photo: morguefile.com

As explained by experts, today to fight asteroids that could collide with our planet is usually offered to blow them up with a nuclear device at the earliest. However, this, according to Russian experts, could lead to the fact that the Earth will fall a lot of radioactive debris, which in themselves will represent a considerable danger for the inhabitants of the planet.

The idea of astronomers is to blow up the asteroid, when it will close and be removed, if it is known that following his “visit” can be perilous for the planet. Scientists remind us that dangerous objects, most of them several times flying near the Ground before the probability of collision becomes high enough.

To verify the effectiveness of the application of their method, the researchers resorted to computer simulation. Calculations showed that for the destruction of hazardous celestial body with a diameter of about 200 meters will have a nuclear device with energy of one megaton of TNT. In this case, the asteroid will only have gas, liquid and fragments with a diameter of not more than ten meters, and almost all of these fragments will continue to fly from the Ground, not knowing her danger.

Experts emphasize that nuclear explosions in space are prohibited, however, admit that in the name of protecting humanity from the meteor threat from this rule one may need to make an exception.

The earth really in the foreseeable future can expect situations similar to the simulated — in 2029 at a distance of 38 thousand kilometers from it should fly the asteroid Apophis, which reaches 200 metres in diameter. Although this time he apparently will not face with the planet, in the future, this probability will increase.


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