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Monday, March 12, 2018

“Russian and Greek experts, who benefits from the Syrian war”

The whole world, with bated breath, waiting for the start scheduled for February 27 truce in Syria. Of developments in this Arab country said the other day the Russian and Greek experts gathered at a round table in Athens. This was the first event organized by the Greek-Russian club “Dialogue”.

Manolis Glezos

Discussion within the round table held with the active participation of the publishing house “MK – Athens Courier”, was dedicated to the origins and prospects of the Syrian crisis. That has led to the fact that on the background of the so-called “Arab spring” sparked the conflict not just regional, but global in nature, said senior researcher of the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies of the Institute of Oriental studies Boris Dolgov. The specifics of the Syrian crisis was the fact that unlike Tunisia and Egypt, with their serious socio-economic problems, in Syria’s economic situation was much better and by itself it could not become the cause of conflict. According to him, a huge role in fuelling the war in the Syrian Arab Republic (as in Libya) have been external forces (the West, Turkey and Gulf monarchies) who supported the armed Syrian opposition, in which the leading role is played primarily Islamist groups. The goal of the aforementioned external forces was the use of the armed opposition to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad.

It is as a result of the promotion of outside activities by Islamist groups in Syria can be seen the appearance on the scene of ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group).

Particular interest was aroused by the story of Boris Dolgov on his missions fighting in Syria, where he met with different people – from President Assad to the ordinary students. Despite the war, the country continues to live: shops, banks, enterprises, educational institutions. Eloquent example: even in the difficult wartime conditions of the Syrian writers Union publishes several “thick” literary magazines…

Professor of economic geography at Athens state University Ioannis AIPPI recalled that several years ago when he said that “Arab spring” will turn into an “Islamist winter”, it came under criticism in the press and the Internet. According to the expert, the problem largely lies in the fact that the West is trying to wrest the Middle East, which has traditionally maintained close ties with the former Soviet Union, from Russia’s sphere of influence. The West took advantage of the fears of the Sunni monarchies of the Persian Gulf before the threat of the Shiite axis (Tehran-Damascus-Beirut). Raised in his speech, the expert and the role in the Syrian crisis plays Ankara, which largely determines, according to the Professor of AIPPI is not President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu: “He wants the entire region was on his plate.”

Speaking about the prospects of resolving the conflict in Syria, Ioannis AIPPI expressed the view that the decision of the conflict can only be achieved through agreement between Washington and Moscow: “If the two poles of force will converge to restore peace, we will have Armageddon”.

About the danger posed by the terrorist group ISIL and “Frente al-Nusra” (prohibited organization representing the Syrian offshoot of al Qaeda), at the “round table” said the editor of the international Department “MK”, senior researcher of Institute of world economy and international relations named after E. M. Primakov Russian Academy of Sciences Andrey Yashlavskiy, focusing on methods of recruitment by jihadists of citizens of different countries, leaving families in the conflict zone controlled by extremists territory.

Participated in round table Professor at the Institute for public policy “Eleftherios Venizelos”, the teacher of the American College of Greece, former Minister of the andrianopoulos also raised the issue of opposition to ISIS, and, according to his view, it was Russia more than other countries experience in the fight against radical Islamists. Raised expert and extremely painful for Europe in General and Greece in particular refugees and migrants. Professor Andrianopoulos recalled a year ago the statement of the leader of ISIS al-Baghdadi that in the coming months in Europe will be hundreds of thousands of refugees, and that the extremists will try to “attack” Europe from the inside.

Surprise for the participants of the event was the speech came at “a round table” national hero of Greece, the famous anti-fascist and left politician Manolis Glezos. The man who in the night of 31 may 1941 tore raised over the Acropolis Nazi flag with a swastika. The one who has been in prison for 16 years. “I don’t support Assad, said Manolis Glezos, but imagine that Greece would begin an armed struggle. What would be the consequences of this led? The junta in Greece collapsed because the people didn’t want to take any more”. However, as said Glezos, the Assad regime cannot fall without outside interference. According to Glezos, the United States intervene in the Syrian conflict to oust Russia from the Mediterranean.


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