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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Psychologists have called the negative masculine traits that attract women”

A study conducted by an international group of scientists, helped to clarify what personality traits hardly fit the universal understanding of virtue, however, can attract women, if a man has them. These traits in psychology are known as narcissism, machiavellism and psychopathy.

photo: morguefile.com

At the turn of XX and XXI century, these features of character were United the psychologists in the so-called “dark triad” because they all somehow overlap and imply considerable share of egocentrism, reports Telegraph.

Narcissism means pride and narcissism, and unwillingness to empathize with others. Machiavellism implies a love of manipulation, cynicism and disregard for morality. Key features of psychopathy are impulsivity, selfishness and heartlessness.

Scientists say that the desire of women to find men with such a character is not a love of danger and not a subconscious desire to re-partner, and a number of instincts, by the evolution. For procreation a woman looking for a mentally healthy, physically strong and attractive partner, and the researchers argue that their facial features, people with dark triad often remind me just such.

In the study conducted by experts from Britain, Poland and Finland, attended 2 370 adult women. Each of them were shown the two using a computer program, the male person and asked them a question, which of these persons seems to them more attractive. Women responded differently, but generally they gave preference to people with the typical dark triad.

The experts, who published their work in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, noted one more feature: women who just liked more evidence of narcissism, usually had many children, a lover of machiavellism — average number of them, and those who are attracted to psychopathy, children usually had few.

Interestingly, in some contemporary studies of the “dark triad” is proposed to expand to “dark tetrad”, adding to it everyday sadism.


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