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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“PARNAS and Yabloko: why don’t the Democrats need to unite”

In the past holidays to the leaders of the Democrats asked the intellectuals, pleading with them to unite for the upcoming parliamentary elections. The essence of the proposals is to “Apple” entered into the Democratic coalition, and then in parliamentary elections candidates from Parnassus will be nominated on the list of “Apple”, and to identify them will be shared in the primaries for the entire Demolitio.

As found “MK”, another initiator of the appeal was Lyudmila Alekseeva, head of Moscow Helsinki group. Signed by the famous journalists, writers, economists, including Sergei Aleksashenko, Leah Akhedzhakova, Vladimir Voinovich, Dmitry Bykov.

photo: Alexei Merinov

Emilia Slabunov

The Chairman of the “Yabloko” Slabunov Emilia replied on the same day that it is all great, and Apple will gladly include in their lists of candidates from Demolitio. But they need, first, to withdraw from his party – from Parnassus in particular – as required by law. Secondly, Apple to sign a “Memorandum of political alternatives” out of ten points, one of which speaks of the illegality of the annexation of Crimea. And thirdly, to support in the presidential elections Yavlinsky.

The Chairman Of The “Yabloko” Emilia Slabunov. Photo: gubdaily.ru.

Simply put, Alekseev suggested that “the Apple” to join in Demolitio and dissolve. And Slabunov suggested Demolitio to join Yabloko and dissolve in it.

Played a draw. As usual.

On Wednesday on this occasion has spoken and Mikhail Kasyanov. The word came as quite a surprise. PARNAS is ready to unite with Yabloko in one new democratic party “PARNAS-Apple”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
The chair of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov.

When we were writing this note, the reaction of the Apple on such a proposal have not voiced. However, it was known that the proposal was discussed.

Chance to be with him, however, not a lot.

It is logical to assume that “Apple” will insist that all members of Parnassus agreed to sign the Memorandum, and then the clause about the Crimea will become a stumbling block.

But even if you manage to get around, there are many important moments that can hardly be sorted out before the election – starting with the legal procedure of the registration of the new party and ending with the slicing of the first places in the party lists. Therefore, the probability of the proposed Kasyanov option now looks extremely low.

So the dreams about the unification of democratic most likely not destined to come true.

And the reason is not even that they can’t agree, but the fact that they don’t need to unite.

You should move in a different direction. But to see, got to dance “from an oven”.

Dance from the stove

1. The regime is democratic or autocratic.

2. The economy is self-regulating (market) or regulated by government (not market).

3. Democracy + market economy = development and social protection.

4. The autocratic regime + market economy = banana Republic.

5. The autocratic regime + market economy = unstable system, sooner or later collapses.

6. Democracy + market economy = an impossible combination.

7. Any other combination no. “Our special way”, which the dreamers dream – Wraith. A hallucination of a “failure”.

8. When the autocratic regime ruled by one ruler or group of rulers, which is called “the ruling clan”. The electoral process is simulated using a pocket political forces, created to support the ruler. Political opposition is not allowed.

9. Under a democratic government is ruled by two opposing each other political forces: right-wing and left-wing liberals, replacing each other as a result of the electoral process. One reigns, the other in opposition. Then – on the contrary.

They are always two. It’s like two legs, right and left.

10. In addition to them, participate in the management of diverse political forces that reflect the opinion of some parts of society, but never a minority (nationalists, Communists, green), so when voting, they usually join the Parliament or to the right or to the left.

What is the difference between left liberals and right

Right-wing liberals is big business, strong nature. Who was the first to come, and sneakers, I don’t need help, I just reach, just don’t bother, and why should I feed any immigrants, I don’t have anybody feeding.

Left-wing liberals is the middle class, small business, state employees, retirees, we are one nation, so weak and sick needs help, and the children are the future of the country, and they should have equal opportunities.

Liberals nor right nor left not are the bearers of ultimate Truth.

Sometimes it seems closer to the right position. Sometimes left – wing. And that’s good. That’s right. And no need to choose one once and for all.

The country has developed steadily, and the citizens felt involved and secure, we need both forces. If the course is too prameet, people vote for the left. Get the left most and the course level. Then Vice versa: the left lead to the left too, and people vote for the right.

Due to this mechanism, the political course, which is the country, not rushing stupidly and flexible maneuvers. Lays the tacks, in keeping with the realities of the day.

Binding General rules to our area

In 91-m to year we have ended the paragraph 5 (autocratic mode + is not a market economy), we suddenly jumped to paragraph 3 (democracy + market economy), but could not resist there and now crawling to paragraph 4 (autocratic mode + market economy).

From those times when we were on clause 3, we are left with two “legs”. Two democratic political forces, which by definition must be in the eternal rivalry with each other (we are there).

Our right-wing liberals – these are the remnants of the former ruling party. The fragments of the “Choice of Russia”, “demvybor”, ATP, remaining from them now PARNAS and Civic platform, who fled abroad by the oligarchs of the Yeltsin Family, some members of the present government and the members of the elite close to the Prime Minister Medvedev. Figuratively speaking, this “Gaidar forum”.

Our left-wing liberals is “Apple”.

If “Apple” was replaced by “Gaidar forum” after the departure of Yeltsin, we would have stayed on point 3 because this change exactly in line with the democratic paradigm. But the oligarchs who have received wealth from right, afraid to lose money and power. So they organized the election of the receiver of Yeltsin – Putin. Kind of like his. But then it turned out that still not quite.

Currently in the state Duma represented only pocket political forces. “United Russia” simulates a center-right political party “Fair Russia” – center-left. In fact, both forces supporting the President in all its manifestations. For this purpose they have created. In addition to the Duma there is a pocket the nationalist party of Zhirinovsky, and pocket the Communist party Zyuganov.

Two democratic “feet” – outside the Parliament. The ruling clan they were displaced, but not destroyed. Although he could.

Because of this we haven’t dived completely into a banana Republic. Slides, but not yet crawled. Still being bullied.

How to decide whom to support?

For example, I don’t want a banana Republic. I it is desirable that Russia was a country with a developed economy and high social protection. Who wants to do something else, continue to read not necessary. And who wants, like me, he returns to the beginning of the text and sees that she wants the paragraph 3. As for paragraph 3 item 9 – right and left liberals, two opposing each other political forces. So that citizens could vote for one or the other, depending on your own circumstances and General “wind direction”.

At the moment I left. Because the right already ruled, and not very well, in my opinion. So let now ruled by left-wing and right-wing may adjust them from the opposition.

But this does not mean that I will always be left behind. The day will come when I show up, they make mistakes. And then I will vote for the right.

So I don’t need, so they were combined. And nobody needs it.

Tactically – divided electoral districts, to agree not to interfere with each other – Yes. But not combined. Because it is like two legs put it in the same hole. And try to jump.

There is a perception that the “feet” to vote is meaningless, because they still aren’t going anywhere. The administrative resource will not be allowed. We need to vote for those who will be allowed, that is behind the pocket of the party.

In this position, of course, is common sense.

But she’s from a different schema. From the one where at the end of clause 4 or “banana Republic” either claim 5 “delayed failure”. This position does not lead to step 3, “development and social security”, and here we are talking only about that leads there.

Our left-wing liberals there is something not right. And right – something that is not on the left

The left-wing liberals have their media, but there is no single organizational political structure (PARNAS covers only a small part of the camp).

The left-wing liberals – on the contrary. There is a party, but not their media. Because of this, they have to communicate its position through the right-wing liberal media, which they, of course, are portrayed in a bad light and form prejudiced attitudes.

Potential voters from the right-wing and left-wing liberals about the same. These are people who preferred the paragraph 3. Only 10 to 15% of the population.

If right-wing liberals had a strong party, they would have received for the upcoming parliamentary elections, most of this clearing is due to the fact that they have their own media.

But as they have no such party, the majority of glade will vote for Apple, because more for whom.

Right-wing liberals with that strongly disagree. Therefore, the left and the proposed merger in the format of “two legs in one pant leg”.

Leftists: in the same hole we are not useful, you have your own trousers and we have our own. Want to contact us – join us.

After this, the liberal community, heated right-wing media, habitually outraged by nedogovorosposobnostyu Democrats. Although ought to rejoice that they are not kept for knowingly failing “running in bag”.

This game played since then, as began to fade, the Union of right forces, the last strong right-wing liberal party. But as soon as the right-wing liberals will again have a strong party, the game stops.

It is noteworthy that the emergence of right-wing liberal party the Kremlin is interested. He just doesn’t want her influenced by exiled oligarchs, cherishing plans for personal revenge. But the billionaire Prokhorov, for example, was absolutely acceptable. However, he had to bail.

Now for the establishment of such a party took Oksana Dmitriev and Boris Titov. At the same time businessman Dmitry Potapenko – unlike Prokhorov is a very appropriate figure for the right-wing liberal leader. The work goes on.

If the left-wing liberals and have their own media, they will soon crush new right-wing liberal party. And then our awkward, curve, intractable, but alive and not plastic bipedal structure, inhibiting the final slide into authoritarianism will collapse.

Keep both legs have always been important, but now especially. But the question, whether will join PARNASSUS to “Apple” or not join, a large value has no.

Stripe when it mattered, ends. The liberal community will soon be addicted to other concerns. It is hoped that they will be more meaningful than the present.


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