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Saturday, March 10, 2018

“Paleontologists have learned which animal was the most ancient in the world”

The flowering of multicellular life scientists associated with the Cambrian period occurred 542 million years ago, but new data suggest that not all organisms were simple single-celled. After analyzing organic remains of the age of about 640 million years, the experts at mit have found that they belong to an ancient sea sponge. Perhaps this is the first animal on Earth.

photo: morguefile.com

Scientists say that, although the Cambrian period more than half a billion years, modern science allows nice to imagine a world of those times. However, earlier periods of development of evolution is studied to a much lesser degree, because specialists do not have enough remains suitable for study. However, previously there used to be a version of the possible existence of animals of the Precambrian period, although so far no conclusive evidence of this assumption is almost non-existent, reports zmescience.com.

Studying the stone age, about 640 million years old from the state of Oman in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, the researchers found they a lipid 24-isopropylmalate, one of the modifications of cholesterol. Further analysis showed that the genes are able to produce this lipid, now have sponges and some algae, and sponges only he can exist in such ancient times. On this basis, experts have suggested that sponges were the earliest animals on the planet.

According to the study’s lead author David gold (David A. Gold), the study raises many exciting new questions — the ancient sponges different from today, and what explains such a small amount of the remains to learn about ancient multicellular.

Sponge — aquatic animal, which is characterized by the absence of true tissues and germ layers. Also sponges are deprived of muscular, nervous and digestive systems.

The scientists published their study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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